Wednesday, November 7, 2012

QMR: Wreck-It Ralph

I chose this poster because 'Paperman' was equally awesome!

This should have been under the Pixar banner.

I'm sure you've heard this assertion many times since Ralph hit the theaters on Friday. Well it was that good. I enjoyed this more than "Brave" and I think that was one of the best movies I've watched all year. I will give the crew credit for handling a subject so near and dear to my heart, video games, with complete respect and dare I say love of the medium. From the cameos, to the inside jokes, to the writing of how the game characters behave when not on the job it is handled well and by people who care about this world of electronic entertainment.

"Wreck-It Ralph" was funny, well written, extremely well cast and is, hopefully, the start of more 'Disney magic' to come. "Tangled" was the start of this and "Ralph" continues to blur the line between Pixar and Disney faire. You can thank John Lasseter for this.

Now I also highlighted "Paperman" in the poster as well. It is the accompanying short that plays before the feature. It is just glorious! It blurs the lines between hand drawn animation and computer in such a way that I was speechless. Not only that it tells a very cute and heartwarming story of how two people meet for the first time.

So "Wreck-It Ralph" is full of all sorts of value and easily worth going to the movies to check this out. I can't talk about any 3D showings as I generally skip that but from what I have heard from a discriminating source it was awesome in 3D.

Go and see this!