Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Confessions of a 35 Year Old College Sophomore: Semester is Over Edition!

This semester has been difficult to say the least. I had more 300 level courses which have more intensive workloads. I had a few more gen ed's; one of which I disliked immensely. I wrote more papers this semester in two classes then I did through out my high school career and I loved it.

Sure the time and effort I needed to put into college ate away at most of the fun stuff I wanted to do when I was just a wage slave. I wanted to game yet I needed my weekends to keep up with a mountain of reading and writing that never quit. I wanted to see people more however being a partial hermit works for school. It is easier to concentrate when I only resort to keeping touch via Facebook or other social media. It is not the same as face to face but I just wanted my friends to know I still like them.

I am looking forward to this summer break for two reasons. First my wife and I get to spend it together! We get a few months of uninterrupted time with each other and I'm looking forward to it. Second this summer is our pilgrimage to GenCon. We are both excited at this prospect! Games, seeing friends we don't get to see, games, meeting new people, games......all the good things.

The sickest part of this vacation is I actually spoke to my one professor (who I will have again in the fall) and got the book titles for that class. I'm ordering them in a week and will read them before class starts. I'm even going to take detailed notes from the books so I am slightly ahead of the game. Mostly because I want some breathing room. This past semester really taught me lessons on time management that I wasn't versed in. Needless to say the lesson was learned.