Saturday, February 1, 2014

On the topic of "Guild Drama"

I don't understand why it is needed. It is a corruptive force that will eventually wreck raid groups, friendships forged online, and make other people want to leave the guild in some cases.

Today I had an guild officers meeting in the SWTOR guild I belong to and within moments of beginning it degraded into a "he said/she said" complaint fest. These complaints, while valid and important for those players involved, should have been addressed outside of that meeting with the parties involved. Frankly it was a load of kindergarten bullshit and I eventually got tired if it and firmly suggested we move on to actual business.

It comes from a pet peeve of mine; I do not like having my time wasted.

Now things kinda-sorta get back on track, we discuss some issues with policy, set raid schedules, discuss doing older content instead of just the new concludes and people appear slaked. So I log out of the voice chat to have dinner with my wife. The meeting started at 3pm and concluded at 5pm. Just before 6pm I get a text from the guild leader that 1/2 of the officers/Co-GMs quit the guild shortly after the meeting that they happily went through and agreed on stuff. Needless to say this royally pissed me off as I now just wasted 2hrs of my life I will not get back.

I tracked down in game one of the former guildies and got his reasons (which felt valid) and got the guild masters take in it (which too was valid) and all I can think about now is why am I still playing this? I'm also thinking that it was all juvenile across the boards and I am glad that my class schedule will limit my online time so I am less exposed to this nonsense. It's frustratingly stupid. Now when I am around there is fewer geared people to actually do the end game content so I will be back on the "pick up group" express. All aboard the P.U.G.



I wish all parties involved the best of luck in their gaming and new guilds. If we do meet up in game in the future....please keep your drama cooties to yourself and no longer waste anyone's time further.

Why am I still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic again?