Saturday, March 23, 2013

Confessions of a 35yr Old College Sophomore: Spring Break Edition

Above and beyond last semester this one has been brutal. In both workload and subject matter this is a trial by fire that I just want to pass and move on. While I have a favorite or two this semester a few I thought I would enjoy have fallen flat with me and have become a chore to complete. I soldier on only because I have a wife that needs me to complete this and get that better career so we can be comfortable in life for a change.

Obviously I took another film studies course this semester and love it. I just am in my element examining film, considering why a director chose those elements to show, discussing in critical detail nuances of film and appreciating its art. In other words when I want to discuss a film seriously I can and will bring insight to any conversation. I feel that my thoughts and words will now matter to more than just myself. Also when I trash a movie now it really deserved it based off its merits versus typical neckbeard basement dwelling fanboy-ism. This semester I have viewed films that have moved me, enriched me and made me hunger for more. My favorites have been Bicycle Thieves and the short films of Lumiere. (Now before any film buffs get their panties in a wad the movie is not Bicycle Thief. That was a mistranslation that was corrected on the Criterion edition of the film.) Both were beautiful in ways I haven't experienced in modern films. One was a stark view of life post WWII while the others were short subjects, most about real life, that were glorious glimpses into the wonders of life. Yes they made me smile and crave more of this style.

That said my love of bad cinema is still intact as well as the mass produced pop corn summer faire. Nicholas Cage is still one of my favorite actors and Sam Raimi is still my favorite director. I now
 just have a better, more educated, grasp on that which is film. My journey is still ongoing and I love that.

Suprisingly I am mixed about the Media Criticism course I'm taking this semester and I'm not sure why. I like my professor, the subject matter, workload but I'm just blah about it all. I still will be a media critic, no doubt there, I just suppose I need to transform what I am learning about different criticism techniques (semiotics, Marxist criticism, psychoanalytical, sociological) into my own method. I will say I was quite proud of my semiotic analysis of a Viagra commercial and my Marxist critique of the Star Wars MMO.

I also have a consumer chemistry class that is taught by a man who reminds me of Viscount Eric. My Intro Sociology course is a tad dry at times (Psychology was MUCH more interesting and engaging last semester). Finally I have a Human Ecology biology course. This is fascinating and I am enthralled in this course. Truly learning for the sake of learning. I also had to take a mathematics competency examination. Frankly math is as scary to me as Dr. Bob cosplaying as Dr. Frank N Furter. Well I was relieved that I scored proficient on that exam. You needed 19 of 32 correct to pass. I got 26. A happier man there wasn't in my household Monday when I got this result.

This gets you few readers up to date with goings on in academia. There is some gaming, a few movies and a couple of LEGO models to report on as well. Those are for another time.