Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 1: What Published RPG Do You Wish You Were Playing Right Now?

While I have no real intention to keep up with the full RPGaDay bonanza, this question did peak my interests and remind me of all of the good times I had while running this campaign world. Then the realization crystallized in my mind that I have never been a player in this world and that bums me out. 

If you were to ask me to describe Eberron, I would tell you it is a high-octane, cinematic, pulpy magic-punk world. I ran it character driven with a focus of making the players not just world shakers, but superstars. They were heroes of legend in the new world, they were the Defenders of the Eberron world. I said Defenders because the dynamic felt like the Hulk/Strange/Namor/Surfer line-up on most sessions; that was a good thing. Being an Eberron DM helped me to become a better DM and cemented having a few players that I've shared a table with for well over a decade now as well. 

Another reason I love the setting is because I like the creator, Keith Baker. I had the privileged to have met and spent time, at two different Gen Con trips, with the man and he is a wealth of knowledge and just a down to earth individual. Keith would hold impromptu meet-ups with people who followed his blog and would tweet out the location and time. Anyone could show up, and he would hang out, answer questions about the game, swap stories, and enjoy the company. On the first trip to Gen Con, we even gave him a t-shirt from the our official adventurers guild in our campaign called "Adventurous Endeavors".  I can say this would be similar in geek factor to eating hot dogs with Steve Jackson at a con.

Keith also signed my copy in 2009: of course my GenCon badge had my formal name on it.

With luck, some day I'll get to play in this world, and I don't care what rule set is used to facilitate this game either. If the stars align maybe it will be at Keith's table, if he does this. Either way, this is my favorite setting and the one I miss the most. 

Runners Up
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