Saturday, June 21, 2014

Goings on in the world outside of Blogger.

The biggest things outside of classes going along swimmingly is I've been doing a project over at Outright Geekery called The 37 Movie Blitz where I've tasked myself to watch 37 randomly selected films and write about the experience of it all.

So far I've fallen a bit behind on the writing part mostly due to my summer class I was taking as well as the World Cup going on. The film watching is coming along well and I cannot wait to get this all out there into the interwebs for people to read.

The cool thing is the page's lord and master and I want to do something special when its all done. I'll keep you all posted about what that is when it comes to light. In the meantime check out Outright Geekery to see how this is going.

By the way if you're curious here is the list of the films being screened.