Monday, December 30, 2013

The Interference of real life.

It happens, especially when going deeper into a college education while married and trying desperately to have any social life. Something will always give and in this case it has been the social life and blogging here.

Frankly I lost interest due to all of the writing I am doing for my schooling; research papers tend to suck the soul out of folk. I all but stopped playing tabletop RPGs as I needed my weekends to do research, draft essays, read academic journals, etc. Additionally trying to come up with my own topics to write about for fun was a chore when focusing on topics for a grade. By the way I did well this semester with 5 A's.

But I am writing some but for a community website. A friend of mine started it and contacted me about contributing. While I just put up my third post there I seem to be the TV/Movie guy on a site all about various trappings of pop culture. If you wish you can check out Outright Geekery , it has all sorts of interesting reviews, discussions, and more about comics, games, movies and such.

In the meantime I will use AE to keep tabs on stuff in more of a journal capacity and for posts that won't fit into OG's footprint.

Take care all & have a Happy New Year!