Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And a new blog too!

For those that know my love of tabletop RPG's know that I have been prone to creating my own world now and again to run games in. Well that bug has bitten me again and I've begun work on a new world to play in and I will be chronicling the creation of said new world with a blog.

So give me some time to get some info up there but feel free to link to Super Generic Tabletop RPG Land to follow along if you're interested.

Hopefully it just won't suck.


I recently found two of the Legos from assorted Mini Fig sets I have wanted. Each one only cost me the cost of a retail package too. I was fortunate to find them just because they are cool and apparently can be a pain to locate.

First is the Lego Genie from series 6. It is so cool! I love how it doesn't have traditional legs AND how it can sit on the lamp and look like it is coming out from said lamp! Nice sculpting Lego. Of course the turban with gemstone is also cool.

Its the Lego Disco Guy! He is from way back in series 2. In full Saturday Night Fever attire, with afro and "Brick Fever" disco vinyl how could I resist! Besides if you take off the afro and place it on the Lego Painter from series 5 (I believe) you end up with a bootleg Lego version of Bob Ross!


Quick Movie Review: 21 Jump Street

This was honestly better than I was hoping for. It is also the only Channing Tatum flick that I watched that didn't make me hate him instantly. The movie is very funny, makes fun of itself, has lots of swearing, packed with lots of comedic movie tropes and could possibly contain actual training footage of my police officer friend at the academy.

Maybe not that last one....

This is not for the kiddies. Its for the adults. It is 21 Jump Street for the Super Troopers mind set. I enjoyed it. Well worth a rent.

And Rob Wriggle was just amazing in this movie.

Review: Mass Effect 3

Through out this console generation there have been numerous kerfuffles from angered fans about how the game 'should have been' or 'that the game is a failure because it didn't meet X criteria/expectations'. Fortunately a lot of those were geared at first person shooters, CoD: Modern Warfare 3 for example, but now there is a game more in my personal stash of go to game series that is feeling the heat. And almost all of it revolves around the games final 10 minutes.

So I'm not going to go into a long winded diatribe about what I thought about the game**. Hell I'm not going to even break down the game like a normal review just because this game has gotten so much press you can find reviews for it everywhere and better written ones too.

All I will say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I will recommend it to everyone. While at first I didn't understand the choices for the finale after thinking about it for a week (yes a solid week amidst the hullabaloo) by reflecting on my experience with the entire series I grew to like the endings and I agree with the choice BioWare made. It's not perfect, it will have people talking but it ends Shepards story in a spectacularly dramatic way. I just wish there was more of an epilogue but that is it.

So if you are a Mass Effect fan or just love BioWare games or like well written stories then pick this up and play it all the way to the end. This was a fitting end to the series.

** However those hell bent to keeping the flame war going on this topic and if they want to know my thoughts on it can PM me and I will share then.

TOON: The Wicker Pig

It actually happened. It made me feel all sorts of dirty after running it too. But I liked it... So what went down? Did it follow my plot notes exactly? Did it derail practically right from the start? Were there sexual innuendos flying liberally about the table? Let me go over the cast list and their players and then I'll recap as best as humanly possible.

The Players

Bob - Dr. Thaddeus Venture (The Venture Bros.)
Eric - Prince Adam of Eternia (He-Man)
Larry - Eric Cartman as "The Coon" (South Park)
Chad - Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (Scooby Doo)
Jess - Wonder Woman (Justice League)
Melissa - Danger Mouse (Danger Mouse)
Gavin - Perry the Platypus (Eric's son & 1st time tabletop RPG player)(Phineas & Ferb)

So the basic premise of this hodgepodge was detailed in an earlier post. I will say that my notes & plot damn near derailed at the start before the Guild got out of their base to confront the honey ham providers. I suppose derail is too strong of a word as players just having fun is never a real derailing of a game. Besides its TOON the "herding cats" of tabletop RPGs.

So it starts out with Dr Venture trying to 'mack on' Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman kicks his ass in response. Prince Adam is apparently a gay icon of unbefore seen proportions as dancing and prancing are key to his personality. General silliness ensues for damn near twenty minutes before Gavin wants to move forward and do something. So Perry the Platypus helps to move the "plot" along.....the character that doesn't speak spoke up in his own way and got this moving along. I also want to note that this was Gavin's very first tabletop RPG ever and he did great. It was a pleasure having him at the table.

More insanity ensues with most of the players making it to the island while Dr Venture, Shaggy and The Coon make a detour to the Jersey Shore for food (Shaggy) and to pick up chicks (Dr Venture). Neither works out too well....actually Shaggy got food. Dr Venture got fake numbers and was blown off by the locals. Shaggy & The Coon do discover that all the ham shipments have stopped completely causing a ham shortage. Eventually they join the others on the island just in time for the annual "Party Rock Ham Slam" festival.

Craziness ensues. Prince Adam goes dancing with the locals, Dr Venture goes to the office to get a refund and gets declined by Fozzy Bear.....who he then promptly kills (by accident...he thought it was a bear mask.....nope. Pulled his head off instead). Dr Venture then hollows out the stuffing and puts on his Fozzy Bear suit and is promptly beaten up by Wonder Woman again when he tries to touch her with his bear hands.....zing!

Meanwhile Perry the Platypus goes to the large beehive on the island (next to the giant wicker made piggy bank) to do some exploring. In a very Agent P mode he sneaks in and when spotted removes his hat becoming a platypus....which throws off the guards cause it isn't Perry the Platypus! Finding the computer room inside Perry goes to hack in to see what is up on the island when Dr. Doofenshmirtz arrives (dressed in a bee suit) to monologue....and Perry beats him down! Perry then hacks the computer and has Major Monogram's assistant, Carl, transmit the evil plans to the rest of the Guild. The Wicker Pig is actually a ham powered battle mech to be used for a global takeover. It's only weakness is a magical food that can destroy it. Alarms sound and Perry beats flipper out of there.

Meanwhile, the other Guildies don't ingratiate themselves to the ruler of the island, Miss Piggy (who is in a bee costume too). Well except Prince Adam who is now in a bee costume too...
Hijinks ensue, the party runs back to their vehicles so they can escape. Dr Venture tells Brock Samson, his bodyguard, to get out of here when Brock notices Wonder Woman. Brock then proceeds to show up Rusty by hitting on Diana and she gives him her room key in return.

Eventually they get a notice that they need to meet with Bill Shatner to discover the location of this magical food, The Pizza Boomerang, and get info about the guardian of it. More stupidity ensues. Eventually they get to Valhalla (which looks like its made from pizza) and when they start exploring the boomerang comes speeding at them. They all make zip checks to dodge but Dr Venture fails horribly and gets his Wiener cut off. HELPER tries to reattach it with a nail gun only to put it on upside down. The Guardian challenges the Guild to a test of strength and Rusty calls out Brock to deal with him. After a back and forth battle Brock, shirtless covered in blood and holding his knife with that intense crazed look in his eye, grabs Princess Diana and begins to "fight her without using his hands" behind some large rocks. She happily fights him back....much to Rusty's dismay.

I want to stress that to keep it seemingly PG for Gavin we were really pulling out all the stops to use as much enuenndo as possible so we adults got the joke but the tyke can enjoy beating the baddies up as Perry.

Well the rest get the Pizza Boomerang, gain new powers, and confront the Wicker Pig now rampaging through Manhattan. It was Danger Mouse who scored the knockout on the pig by throwing the Pizza Boomerang right into its "exhaust port" causing it to explode. Success!

Now there was more lunacy going on here but I will have a hard time detailing all of it as it happens so damn fast. Things such as: Shaggy morphing into Hunter S Thompson then into Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cartman summoning Cthulhu, Prince Adam actually being Ash from Army of Darkness until a plot card changed him into Ash Ketchem from Pokemon, the neutered muppet male pigs in bee suits....there was more but I must be blocking it out or something.

And what was played missed out on a few things I had planned due to player craziness and general enjoyment. Such as they were going to have a world tour to find the 5 lions to form Voltron to fight the Pizza Boomerang guardian. I was going to have Michael Bay blow up New Jersey. I was going to have them save Kermit the Frog from the Wicker Pig but it never manifested. This happens because, for me, TOON is more of a reaction to the players crazy decisions than following a strict plot. If I can get a few key points to happen and people enjoy doing it then it's a win in my book, enjoyment all around the table is the most important thing here.

Next time I run a TOON game for this group I will have them suggest characters they want to play and that they are familiar with. I suppose my knowledge of cartoon characters is bigger and some of my available PC's were met with a "who's this?". But everyone tried, everyone played and everyone laughed a lot. It was a pleasure running this for them and I do hope they enjoyed this insanity as much as I enjoyed performing it for them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Council of Thieves: The Six Trials of Larazod

After a bit of a rest from defeating the Bastards of Erebus our heroes are once again needed to aid the Children of Westcrown. This time we're helping a member of the Pathfinder Society to gain access into the old lodge in town that was sealed up. To get inside we need to gain access to the Mayor's house and loot his basement for the arcane keys. To get access to the Mayor....we need to put on a play. And its a bloody good time! Who survived? What are 'The Six Trials of Larazod'? Did Max really sleep with the donkey? And what is the name of our group of heroes???

The Players:

Jess - Naustia ( half elf Oracle of Life 3/ haunted curse/ healing machine)
Brian - Semkirk ( human Wizard 3/Orthomancer/insane/hairless/annoys all)
Matt - Capt. Maxmillian Wintrish (human Cavalier 3/unavailable this game)
Mike - Morris Seadrake (half orc Ranger 3/two weapon specialist/unavailable this game)
Bruce - D'in a Lorn ( half elf Rogue 3/information collector/was cast as Larazod!)
Me - Arghen (half orc Paladin of Cayden Cailean 3/bartender in Westcrown/got his zeal up this game)
Jim - DM (our DM/does DM things/rolls dice to hurt our PC's/enjoys his job...)

Well we got approached by a Pathfinder through our happy little rebellious group we (the heroes) have started associating with. She wants to hire us to get into the long abandoned Pathfinder lodge here in Westcrown. The lodge and Society was outlawed when the current ruling body came into power. You know that whole 'deprive the people of outside knowledge and make them wholly dependant on the monarchy' bull shit. Now the lodge is warded with all sorts of magic and whatnot and only the Mayor of Westcrown has the magical 'keys' to get us access. The keys are being stored in his heavily guarded estate in the basement somewhere (naturally). Some of the party starts discussing a B & E job but Arghen has none of that saying that there has to be another way other than committing a crime on purpose. There is.....and it makes breaking and entering sound like a sane choice in comparison. We become actors. Apparently the Mayor hosts after parties for a successful play at his manor and the cast is invited. Doesn't sound too bad right? Well.......

There is a production of a murder play in town (and yes its referred to a murder play as sometimes the CAST doesn't survive it to finish the play!) called 'The Six Trials of Larazod' and apparently it is one of the most heinous of those styles of plays. So bad in fact that most playhouses will not put it on. So bad that actors stay the hell away. So bad most performances don't survive act three! But it's still not as painful as Twilight (zing!).

So we decide to give this acting thing a try. We get up early and arrive to the tryouts before dawn....and we're at the back of the line. Apparently the director doing this play is quite well known and its inspired the local attention whores into preforming and for the lure of fame. While in line we start chatting that since we are a group we should probably have a name so we have a better chance of all being cast or put to work.
So we start chatting in character first and then it breaks into an out of character discussion where one of us mention that Brian (Semkirk) will want it to be tooth related. Off the cuff I say 'How about The Westcrown Fangs?'. I was expecting to get razzed for that but everybody just stopped and they all looked at me like that was we are The Westcrown Fangs. When Westcrown is getting pushed around we're the ones who bite back for the people.

So we go through the casting process in which Jim......hang on. There is something I need to discuss about book two of The Council of Thieves AP. The play in the adventure was actually written out as a seven act play and it is included in the module. It is wholly optional for the group to use it and just skip to the 'encounters' (combat and other fun stuff...) instead. However I play with crazy people and we actually did the play. We were cast in certain roles and we read all the lines and Jim tracked where the encounters happened during each act. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TOO!

So we begin the casting process where Jim as the director had each of us do some strange things to see which role we would receive in addition to reading the first part the main character, Larazod. He has us each insult the director. No really, on the spot, Jim made each of us throw an insult at him based on what the director looked like. Bruce and Jess both tried (and did it in character), I passed as Arghen wouldn't just insult somebody which left Semkirk who blasted the director and had all of us howling with laughter and caught Jim a little off guard in a good way. Then there was feats of accuracy and strength while reciting a line. Basically it ensued us speaking a name then trying to hit a sandbag that was swinging down from the rafters to keep it from smacking us in the face. Arghen did great here and knocked the damn thing off the rope and into the empty audience seats. Some of the others ended up with a few lumps. Finally we read for Larazod. We each did it like our characters would. Din was reserved, Naustia was sweet sounding, Semkirk...well....he hammed it up like another Kirk (Shatner) and Arghen delivered it with a fiery zeal fueled passion. Jim had a rough choice as both Bruce and I (IMHO) nailed it. Eventually Din was cast as Larazod, Naustia cast as the paladin of Aroden and Larazod's friend (Jess also read for Larazod's devilish love interest too.....her talking provocatively to Bruce still haunts my nightmares), Semkirk was cast as Larazod's wizardly guardian and family friend. Arghen was cast as the honor bound infernal inquisitor who tortures the party at first and then joins them when he determines they are just and the corrupt judge wants the trials of hell to continue (I also read for the Bailiff and read the scene changes).

For the next week or so we rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. All the while the buzz among town kept growing at an exponential rate. Finally the night of the play was at hand.....and Jim got this smirk on his face.
Now I'm not going to recap the whole play as it takes too long but I'll give you the rundown on some of the events. Arghen whipped the other cast members in Act II. Yes I was actually rolling to hit and doing damage to them. In Act III we willingly had to have a rot grub burrow through our flesh and then had to cut it out (taking hit point damage and constitution damage too). Act IV had us climb into a tank of acid that looked like a beast (we had to survive in the beast's belly) where our gear was getting destroyed, we were getting eaten up by the acid and trying to not get sick all over each other. Act V had us fighting summoned devils on stage. Act VI had a massive battle between us and a few troll skeletons (that was pretty bad after all the other crap we went through....we third level characters were running on empty at that point). The final act was an epilogue where Jim got to play Asmodeus and send the judge to hell for heresy. The beast of that play was that we had to have our characters keep in character to the role they were cast in. For example if Semkirk got cast as the paladin he wouldn't be allowed to cast arcane magic. If Naustia was cast as a rogue she couldn't use healing magics. It was rough but we made it through.

We did so well we got a large chunk of coin for our part of the overall take. Also our popularity in town has increased dramatically. And we got our invite to the mayors multi-day (and night) party full of debauchery. Oh joy. A paladin at a kegger that turns into an orgy at night....but that is for the next session.

I want to thank Jim for letting us actually do the play. It was one of the more memorable role playing moments I've had in quite some time. Everybody that was present just nailed it that session, both with the actual play and with the role playing in general. We pulled together quite nicely and I think this group of heroes can go the distance with this AP. I am eagerly awaiting the next session.

*Morey and Max were both 'npc' stage hands during the play as their players weren't there that day.

** Max did not sleep with a donkey. Depending on how poorly we did during the open dress rehearsal there was a chance a local would have brought a donkey into the playhouse and let it loose. It didn't happen thankfully.

Carrion Crown: VS The Army of Darkness in Feldgrau

So the party has arrived in Feldgrau to confront The Whispering Way cult and see if they can put a stop to this madness and get justice for their fallen friend. Do they survive? Do they become chew toys to the Demon Wolves also hiding in town? Does the dwarf do dumb stuff again???

The Players

- Thredorik Trapspringer (male dwarven rogue 9 / uncouth/ got swindled by Nisha)
Jess  -  Nisha  (female tiefling fighter(weapon master kit) 9 / combat monster....literally/ shrewd negotiator)
Charles - Zuri (male aasimar wizard 9 / varisian wanderer/ harrow reader / finally whipped out his fireball)
Charles - Dragos ( Zuri's raven familiar / smart ass / maybe scared of Nisha)
Me - Julian Du Marc ( male human cleric of Pharasma 9 / NPC/PC / stoic / festrog chow)
Me again - DM (DM / rules dude / story mover-along-er/ keeper of the plush tentacles)

So the Scooby Gang reach the ruined town of Feldgrau to see that the site of a large tragedy has become a manufacturing site for an undead army thanks to the cult of The Whispering Way. The Princes Wolves and the heroes create their battle plan while still at the farmhouse on the outskirts of town. The heroes will advance from the northwest while the Wolves will make strikes along the southeast border to provide a distraction for the heroes to slip into town.

After the Wolves head out to begin the ruckus Julian asks Zuri to assist him with something while the other two get the horses situated in the barn. In the farm house Julian has Zuri assist him in donning his formal clerical garments. When finished Julian was looking just like he did back at the funeral for their friend in Ravengrow. When asked why the change in clothes Julian says that Feldgrau is a graveyard and by his calling needs to be a formal representative of The Lady of the Graves, Pharasma. Also he wants to send a message to The Whispering Way that their behavior is not tolerated and the day of reckoning is at hand.

And now the heroes sneak into Feldgrau and a whole shit storm of trouble breaks out around them. From meeting packs of Menadoran Festrogs (undead beasties that run on all fours and try to eat your face....ask Julian about that), Whispering Way cultists and curates (higher level priests), a haunt trying to burn Thredorik alive in a ruined candle shop, meeting a suicidal ghost of a townie and talking him out of offing himself again....and getting his help for later (you'll find out soon), meeting the Demon Wolves in the grainery and dispatching them and their pack leader, meeting the trapped Prince's Wolves in town and joining forces with them, having a brief encounter with some wights (i.e. opened door, cleric made knowledge: religion roll and they closed door & had rogue break lock so it won't open again), watched Zuri finally bring his fireball online to assist the Prince's Wolves who were trying to buy us time to get into the tower in town where the Whispering Way honcho was (big honking explosion that wiped out 12+ skeletons and damn near roasted the Cultists controlling them), watching Zuri pummel some skeleton archers on top the tower with an Ice Storm and finally we bust into the tower and bring the fight right to Auren Vrood the Whispering Way leader (human necromancer) who we've been chasing ever since he murdered Professor Lorrimar back in Ravengrow!

Needless to say he was waiting for us and was ready to cause some pain to us. Vrood also had the aid of two giant crawling hands that were more of a nuisance than anything. Nisha and Thredorik beat those things down while Zuri kept slinging spells and Julian healed. Eventually the fight was right in Vrood's face and after tasting Nisha's great axe a few times he decided to fly away (with a fly spell cast on him before the party reached him). And for a while it looked like he was going to fly away.....until Jess played a plot twist card which had an ally appear suddenly to give aid. Well the biggest ally they had was the leader of the Prince's Wolves.....who as Vrood was flying up through the hole in the ceiling to the second floor of the tower came running from the second floor (he climbed up the tower in hybrid werewolf form) and he leaped at Vrood! One successful Combat Maneuver roll and he grappled Vrood. And when 500+ pounds of werewolf grapples you in the air it breaks your concentration and causes you to drop out of the air like a stone.

This gave the heroes the opening they needed to put an end to Vrood once and for all! While pinned they hacked into him (the Prince's Wolves leader told them to take him out and don't mind his safety....he'll heal).
Nisha separated Vrood's hips and legs from his torso and Vrood died in enormous pain. And then a curious thing Julian was going to cast 'Speak with Dead' and question Vrood's spirit Vrood's lower jaw began to foam and fizz and dissolved off his face! Julian was aghast and so were the others. Well it was time them to hack off Vrood's head and take it to the no longer suicidal ghost.

You're thinking 'What the HELL.....WHY?!?!' Simple. The ghost told the heroes that it could rip Vroods memories right from his mind in case regular interrogations fail. The ghost then began to remove the memories of Vrood and the heroes saw them as if they were looking through Vrood's own eyes. We saw Vrood writing correspondence to his superior, who is orchestrating all these events, detailing how he is building an undead army in Feldgrau. Another vision showing cultists scurrying around Feldgrau raising the deceased townsfolk. Another vision showing Vrood placing some objects in a box (an iron & glass vial containing a swirling grey mist, a large section of a bloody heart in a glass jar, and a fragile looking skull composed of hundreds of bone fragments). Into a second box was placed strange statuette of murky green stone depicting a horrid tentacled creature. Another vision showed each chest being given to a rider on horseback. Vrood tells the one rider to 'Ride to Thrushmoor. You will exchange the effigy for the relic we need!' and all the visions end.

After that the spirit finally was put to rest. The Prince's Wolves wanted to head back to The Shudderwood ASAP but when Julian began working to properly bury the people of Feldgrau (and consecrate the land on top of it) the Wolves offered to help out digging proper graves instead of the large mass grave they were all thrown into. Aw hell....who am I kidding, one of the players made a great diplomacy roll and convinced them to stay. Even with their help it took over three days for all the work to be finished. During this time Nisha brought up to Thredorik the promise he made to her to do 'anything she wanted' when he was getting mauled by the Demon Wolves in the grainery. She wants her weapon and armor enchanted for free. Thredorik looked.....out played. Zuri was impressed. Julian was indifferent as he was preforming burial rites for 16 hours a day.

We also agreed that we will head to Thrushmoor after we return to Ascanor Lodge with the Wolves to check on our friend and bring Estovian to justice for all the hinky deals he made with the other wolf packs. But that will happen next session.

All in all it was a hell of a fun night and a good conclusion to book three of this AP. I was quite proud of all the players on how focused they were with the combats, I was proud that even with minimal role playing due to a combat HEAVY section they still never broke character and I was proud of myself for keeping it together and keeping it fun (minor hiccups aside).

Great job gang!
***Also sorry for giving you the short short version. If I detailed every combat encounter in earnest I could easily write three or four posts on it! The party worked their butts off that night. ***

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LEGOS! More new additions!

Lego Surgeon

Cutting for the very first time!

Lego SeƱorita


Lego Minotaur

Now I can recreate the movie 'Your Highness' in Legos!

Lego Butcher

The Lego Vegan's worse nightmare....a lego STEAK! Delicious lego murder!

Lego Leprechaun

Complete with Pot of Gold and stumpy legs!

There is no doubt that I love Legos. And the mini figs keep getting better and better. I hope this series keeps going and by the time its all said and done I want to have a lego horde ready to run amok in some kind of miniatures based rule set!


Carry on.

Quick Movie Review: John Carter

This movie surprised the heck out of me. I have knowledge of Burrows work and was fairly certain that it would not hold up but after watching John Carter I can say that it was a complete blast! It worked for me on almost all levels. From visuals, special effects, casting, movie run time (over two hours....yeah....stuff actually developed here)....everything was epic and fun. For this movie they based a lot of it off of The Princess of Mars with elements of some of the other books.

I'd even go as far as to say that John Carter out Star Wars the Star Wars prequels. It was fantastic and it made me feel like a little kid watching sci-fi or reading my favorite fantasy books. You really get the sense from watching this film just how influential Burrows was and why characters like Superman (heck the super hero genre all together), Indiana Jones and the like were inspired by John Carter.

Fun, fun, fun, fun movie. I want this to succeed because I want another John Carter movie. Go see this! Take your kids! Its Disney and it was good!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shadowrun: Operation Denver Jockstrap.

Where we last left off we were in a T-bird en route to Denver after our run in with a cyber zombie and the now nefarious 'Train Incident'. So what do we do now? Do we finally catch a break? we don't.

Jess - Aki (female elf physical adept/ ronin samurai / has family issues)
Brian - Grey (human shaman/party band aid (healer) / elf poseur in training)
Evil Brian - Sanzo (male elf ranged adept/gun slinger/ shoots stuff)
Jack - Jumpstart (orc rigger/wheel man / master of being uncouth/unavailable this game)
Thya - Dot (ogre brawler/fashion diva / cybered out troll chick/unavailable this game)
Me - 8-Bit (human technomancer/squatter with no I.D. in the system / hates Denver)
Matt - GM (guy behind the screen making our lives difficult/ Shadowrun weenie)

Well after a day or two of laying low in a safe house provided to us by our Mr. Johnson we eventually was contacted by another person looking to have us work a job out here in Denver. This time it was via a letter delivered by 'bump and drop' when Aki was leaving a tattoo parlor. The letter was written in the elven tongue with a time and location set in the Denver barrens. Joy. More shady meeting places. The life of a shadowrunner is oh so glamorous.

Jump ahead to the meeting spot deep in the barrens of Denver. We meet the Johnson who turns out to be NetCat and she wants to hire us to liberate a person from a corp who has info regarding the location of her missing friend Puck. Grey negotiates the rate for our assistance and shortly afterwards we agree to head out to do the job. While negotiations were going on 8-Bit was chatting up NetCat's hubby, Slamm-O!, and found out he has been the one scrubbing 8-Bit's identity and also Captain Chaos is around and he can arrange a meeting if he wants. Of course he 'can haz meeetng'.

We head out to scout out the building our target is staying at. While doing surveillance and planning to strike tomorrow Grey says off the cuff "Its night time. If he knows he's being rescued why don't we call him and tell him to come outside?" Brilliant. We do just that. Firstly we hack the security systems and cameras in the building to not show what is happening. Then we call him to tell him his ride is here. He then sneaks out the front doors in plain view of a sleeping guard. NetCat begins to get info and we take the mark to his drop off. Of course, even after scrubbing him for RFID tags, we're followed. Combat ensues, bad guy vehicles disabled, predator drone destroyed, mark delivered safely.

Naturally the info NetCat gets about the location of Puck makes our lives more difficult. He is being held in a medical facility that caters to the wealthy in a secret lab in that buildings basement. While scanning the matrix for info about the place it is rumored a pop star is there for secret plastic surgery. That is our door buster. We flood the matrix with faux confirmation of her being there (thanks to a guard who chose his words poorly when approached) and within hours a mob of screaming fans was swarming the building. Borderline riot level. Aki sexed up a employee out back on a smoke break and pilfered his id tag. NetCat and I were hacking into the security system and even after some complications I unlocked ALL the security doors in the complex which allowed the mob to rush into the building and overwhelmed security. The rest snuck into the building and liberated Puck from a lab that is experimenting on technomancers by slicing them open. There were also a few technomancers who were mobile and they were rescued too.

Puck then tells us about how technomancers are being stolen right off the streets and taken to another facility. We gain the location of the facility and agree to help Puck and NetCat assault the base. NetCat and I hijack the automated turrets around the building so we won't get gunned down and can use them against the people inside. The rest make a run for the building and all out war erupts. Mass combat ensues, lots of baddies die, T-800 looking cyborg technomancer/hybrids arrive and we put them down too. It was a rough battle. Inside the base NetCat expunges all the info of the research from the data nodes and e-nukes the nodes afterwards. Puck rushes off to the offices inside with Aki close behind and Puck shoots a female scientist in the head for some reason.

And we get paid and get thanks from those involved and the game ended. I know I glossed over some of the finer points of this game session but after thinking about it for a week I will say that this was a very rushed game. We started around 1pm and was done before 630pm (and that included a 45min dinner break). I believe this was a module to run at a con but even then there was hardly any roleplaying that night as we were bounced from set piece to set piece. That alone diminished a large chunk of the fun being had. I know I said when the session ended it was fun but after some time to think about wasn't very good. I think the goose egg was that this was a module of some kind and it really stunk for a non-convention game that goes for about 8 hours. With luck the next time we assemble for this the session will be slower paced and give us opportunity to role play some more.

LEGOS!!!!!!! Domo Arigato.....

Lego Robot!!!!!

Complete with red hands and blocky head!

AND....a Wind-Up KEY!!!

Granted this was the only new mini figure I got out of the batch. I now have four mulletted Lego Bravehearts to go with Mr. Roboto now.

As I gain more Lego minions I will post pics ASAP.