Friday, September 16, 2011

Just an Above Average Joe

Yes, lets talk Resistance 3 for PS3. Easily one of the best games Insomniac Games has ever produced.
No really, I'm not you here. The game is really well done. And fun to play. And gorgeous to look at and appreciate in surround sound.

A brief synopsis is in order here for those not familiar with this PS3 exclusive franchise. Resistance is the story of an alien virus that arrives on earth in Russia during 1908 that when people are exposed to it they mutate into a new life form called The Chimera. Well we have been trying to fight this menace off and to put it bluntly we are losing badly. They are reproducing faster, has better tech and are tough to kill. When during the US assault on Britain to assist them in repelling the chimeran threat, US soldier Nathan Hale got infected with the virus and, surprise, didn't mutate. Well...its a slower process for him but that's jumping ahead. Now armed with speed, strength and the regenerative chimerian cell structure, Nathan Hale sets off to stop the British invasion.
And he succeeds, to a point, only to be captured by a US government agency who wants to use someone like him in an elite unit of soldiers just like him (Resistance 2) where you meet Joe Capelli who is another like Nathan Hale. Joe is also the lead in Resistance 3.....wanna guess why?

Cause he kills Nathan Hale at the end of Resistance 2. Well he has to. Nathan finally was going bad by the end of the 2nd game and Joe had to put him down. But Nathan gave mankind one last parting gift. His immune system. From blood samples they created a anti-virus and started to save who they could. It only helps if you are immunized before being infected though. Anywho, Joe gets dishonorably discharged from the Army, moves to Oklahoma, gets a purty wife and has a son all while the Chimera are systematically conquering the US. And then Joe's past catches up with him and he's off on a one man mission to save the world and wrap up the storyline.

So the nuts & bolts of this game are spectacular. Graphically its on par with any big budget CGI animated blockbuster. Its unreal how lifelike the world of Resistance 3 looks and feels. And the musical score & sound effects heighten the mood perfectly. I still cringe a bit when I hear the distinct sound of a Goliath class Chimeran walker in the background.

The controls are tight and very responsive which is standard for damn near every game Insomniac Games has ever made. Other developers need to see how they do this. Right NOW. Control is important people and this was buttery smooth in performance.

But the most recognizable watermark for Insomniac Games are the outrageous weapons they craft and how well they work. Standards like the Bullseye and Auger return with new support in tow. I really like the Mutator gun and the Wildfire rocket launcher. And we can't forget about the alternate fire modes all the weapons have are equally as fun to use and abuse chimera with. My favorite has to be the alt fire for the Rossmore shotgun. When maxed out the concussive projectile it fires not only blast people away in a spectacular fashion but also sets them aflame as well. Now there are multiple baddies running around on fire that were knocked safely away from where you are at.

I need something like that for dealing with traffic on the highway I drive to work.

So as my tiredness begins to take hold, I highly recommend Resistance 3. While the story finale does get a but hokey and implausible by the end (and that's even suspending disbelief for the fictitious world its set it) every other note its perfect and where it counts the most.

Its damn fun. You'll enjoy it.