Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Googly Moogly! There was actual tabletop gaming this weekend!

Yes it actually happened. Honest to goodness gaming this weekend. And it, surprisingly, came about through a local meet up group. And I had a good time. And so did the wife. And so did Matt.

It was a smallish Halloween themed mini-con near to where I live with two main time slots, a costume contest, raffle for some goodies, and a chance to reconnect with some of the gaming grognards I knew from con's past and meet some new ones as well. All that was missing was that crazy Viscount Eric and his gnomish ways.

The game Jess and I signed up for was one run by a local legend in the greater NEPA gaming area. The man was known with running fun cons and I cut my teeth playing D&D and running TOON at his cons. And when I saw Mike Griffith was running an adventure I had to sign up. Cause I knew I'd have fun. Cause Mike runs a fun game. And 'Ghost Town' didn't disappoint. We spent sometime at the beginning fleshing out our pregen PC's (just to add some personal flair...and I appreciate that) and then we were off. Tax collectors heading to a town that's been tardy in its tax payments. And naturally when we arrive things are amiss.

The town is deserted sans a pack of malnourished dogs along the borders of the village. And as we investigated we found bones of people littered through out the small hamlet. And then the attack began. Swarms of these lamprey like worms boiled up out of the ground and began to try to eat us for dinner.

So the party began defending itself. And it took some time to get the situation under control but with a stroke of genius from the paladin, who thought perhaps fire was a better solution, the conflict came to a faster end. And then it was back to the hunt so to speak. Our investigating led us to the local cleric of Obad-Hai's temple and dwelling. We found her journal and that helped to point us in the right direction; towards a local mushroom merchant who seems to be the source of the wormy menace.

Over time we eventually find the merchants bride being assaulted by a large mutant plant creature. When we were done slaying the beast, and after she was calmed down by plying alcohol to her, the lady explained about how the mushroom merchant was building some kind of worm army to conquer the surrounding lands and she wanted nothing to do with it. She also led us right to his lair where more ghastly fungal creatures awaited us. And eventually the merchant himself. Who, while monologuing about how dare heroes come here, the fighter (me) stopped him and said we were just tax collectors and came to collect. This flabbergasted him and he dropped his guard allowing the party to assault him quickly and put his wormy dominion to an end.

It was great to play again under Mike's screen (so to speak). I've always enjoyed that he actively encourages role play and just having fun in addition to being very descriptive to the situations at hand (whether its combat, the local town, etc.). Hopefully I'll get another crack at playing in a game he runs again soon.

Also of note was seeing Dennis again. The ol' Higgipedia is a trip and fun to chat with. Coady was there too and its nice to see him again. Also Dave Cooper was there (another grognard of old) and it turns out he's also an Eclipse Phase fan too. Hell, he was at GenCon this past August when I was there and he stopped by during the game I was in to check it out. I *thought* I recognized him but was busy playing at the time to get a good look.

Jess and I had things to do after Mike's game ended but we stuck around until after the raffle drawing. There were some nice prizes up there too. Thanks to Kenzer & Co for the Hackmaster stuff (I was impressed to see the leather bound Hacklopedia of Beasts up for grabs... and tickets were only $1 each....Higgins got that one. Lucky guy cause it was a sweet book!). I actually did win a raffle too. I won the last prize of the night. A copy of Settlers of Catan.

So I now have wood for sheep.

It was still a good time.