Friday, November 11, 2011

And in a single instance....I'm a widower.

My wife has actually been sick for a few days now. It hasn't been something worth talking about as I felt it was not needed to spread amongst friends and family unless it got worse. Last night my wife was very ill; worse I've seen yet and I told her to take today off to rest and re cooperate. She took my advice to heart and decided to stay home and rest.

This morning after getting dressed I went out to get some breakfast for us and to do some shopping. That was around 930am. By 11am this morning my wife was gone. I got back from shopping and she just slipped away. I lost her....... The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

That was part of the shopping this morning; to pick up her copy of Skyrim as the Gamestop opened at 10am. And it wasn't the regular edition either. Oh no dear readers, it was the Collector's Edition. Have I mentioned how much my wife loves playing Elder Scrolls games?

The box was frigging huge! Its around a two foot by two foot cube. Its got the game, making of DVD, fold out map of Skyrim, a leather bound art book (which is just amazing....the art is inspiring) and its got the big honking statue of the dragon Alduin the World Eater.

She has had a fever most of the day. As of my writing she is feeling better. But as sick as she was she was drawn to Skyrim like a crack-head going after a case of RedBalls. I could see her eyes glaze over when I got home with the game. Her nose was red from it running, she was flush in the face as well but I could see the wheels turning in her eyes thinking about what type of character she wanted to create and how she wanted to experience the game.

The plan was I pick up the game while she was at work and she can play it when she got home. I'd take care of dinner. Well that changed as she got legitimately ill (I can vouch for the fever, congestion and other earmarks of 'the ick') and now she's been such a good trooper playing her game today. I honestly believe that nothing short of the world ending could stop her from playing this game.

And she's been smiling all day. That to me is worth every penny I hid away to pay this off and get this for her. I know she loves things like this. As the release date has been approaching the mere mention of Skyrim to her has her giddily bouncing around squealing 'DRAGONS!'. I love my wife.

I've also learned an important lesson in this too. I now know what it feels like to be a gaming widow. I'll be better in the future I promise (Mass Effect 3 is exempt from this though...).