Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Honey....why does my X360 say I'm playing Fifa 12 when I don't even own it?

This was a statement I blurted out sunday night when I realized my Xbox was hacked into and my account was hijacked. But let me build up to that moment with what transpired that evening.

It was around 520pm when I was playing Half-Life 2:Episode 2 on my X360 when I got a message saying I disconnected from Xbox Live. Well no big deal I thought as sometimes our router tends to freeze up or after long periods of not playing 'online' games it seems to disconnect here and there.

So around 530pm I saved my progress so I could go grocery shopping and for some unknown reason I wanted to sign back into Live to check my achievements and shoot a message to play Gears later to some of my friends. Instead I got a message saying that my account was invalid and to contact customer support. This resulted in a stream of profanity from me and my wife logged into Xbox website and began chatting with a customer support person through a chat window. After some general questions and me having to change my password cause I forgot it from 2006 when I first got my X360 I logged on through their website. When the tech person (who was very helpful) was checking in what happened I decided to check my achievement progress through the site and saw it saying that I was currently playing Fifa12 when my tv screen was saying my account was invalid. I don't own Fifa 12. I don't have sports games. So then I exclaimed the title of this post. And told this to the rep in the chat window. "Uh-oh. Check your purchase history please." was the reply and when I did apparently someone got into my account, spent 1800 MS points (or banana bucks as they are known as) I had on account for all sorts of purchases. Motherfuckers wiped out my game points for DLC or arcade games or whatever. You know fun stuff I could get that I didn't have to spend more $$$ on since I'm out of a job now.

And that asshat locked out my account from me accessing it. The rep flagged my account and provided me with a phone number to call immediately to report the theft and spoofing of my account. Apparently when it comes to Xbox security Microsoft is all over it. Now I had to speak with another very polite and helpful rep who locked my billing of my account, walked me through reclaiming my gamertag without losing my score or achievements, took down my info, told me I'll get my points back after the investigation (up to 25 business days), and notified their 'reclaimation department' who I can only assume are the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings who are going after that asshole who ripped me off.

And the fucked up thing is they can't figure out how the person accessed my account. I don't give my personal info out on Xbox Live, I don't give my gamertag or info out on websites offering to boost my score or some other bullshit. I don't know and they're not sure either. But I've got my case number and they will be getting in contact with me soon.

At least I was able to play again. Granted I can't purchase any extra content through their servers since that part of my account is locked until this is finished. No problems though. I can still play.

I do have to give a hearty 'Thank you!' to the support staff at Xbox Live on a sunday. They were great, helpful, polite, fast and genuinely gave a damn. And since I pay for the Gold membership....they better care. They showed they know the value of helping a long term customer and I appriciate it.

I also wish their Nazgul happy hunting.

And for those who forget what the Nazgul are....

Nazgul.....sic balls.