Sunday, November 27, 2011

Muhna-muhna....doo doo dee doo doo....muhna-muhna.....

Superb. Go see it. I laughed, I laughed more, I cried tears of joy, I laughed even more.

I got weirded out at how Miss Piggy and Kermit were dealing being around each other after their marriage fails. Actually that was a starkly adult revelation during the course of the movie and it was handled well but I found it jarring among all the light-heartedness that permeated everything else.

Yes its a musical. Yes its childish, whimsical and as corny as Fozzies *BEST* jokes. Its never as bad as Fozzie's worst jokes though. And the best part of all I took from the movie is that The Muppets still work and are relevant today.

I loved the cast of Jason Segel and Amy Adams (who is just too damn cute). I loved Chris Cooper as the villainous oil tycoon who was purchasing the old, unused Muppet theater because there was oil to drill under it. I also have to give credit to Jason Segel, who also wrote this film, because there was a very honest and caring reverence to the material presented in the film. Not just dialogue, but visual style, music selection, jokes & sight gags, amount of screen time the different muppets get, which muppets were present (damn near all of them BTW), the celebrity felt like this was a movie written by a true Muppet fan that from the start wanted to do something right. I wasn't let down and I'm still grinning like Gonzo when he doesn't have to pretend to Camilla anymore.

As for the'll get classic Muppet music (Rainbow Connection got to me...I'll admit it) and new songs as well. Camilla and the chickens rendition of Cee-Lo's 'Fuck You' was hysterical. Its all done with clucks. Priceless. And I want this as my ring tone.

I also loved how the movie kept breaking the fourth wall through out to keep the audience tied right into the movie. Not as just a viewer but it felt like you were participating. And after the credits rolled I still wanted more.

More of Statler and Waldorff ripping on the movie, more of The Great Gonzo doing classic Gonzo stunts, more of Fozzie telling bad jokes with Jack Black, more of the honest moments like when Kermit was deciding if it was worth getting the gang back together to save the theater or not. More Animal.

I will own this movie when it comes out for purchase. I can't wait to see the new Muppet show in 2012 (I believe). Hell I just might go see it again just because I want this movie to succeed and I despise knowing Twilight is making money over more quality films. Most of all this movie took a franchise that was near and dear to my heart and didn't do it wrong (unlike Transformers, G.I.Joe, relaunch of Spider-Man, Superman,etc).

This movie made me happy. Go see it.

Muhna-muhna.....doo doo dee doo doo....muhna-muhna.....doo doo dee doo.....