Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 12 Days of Something

A fellow blogger and good friend of mine, Viscount Eric, succumbed today to writing a blog post over the next 12 days all the way up through Christmas Day. At first I didn't know what to think about this. Would he just tell con stories? Or stories of 'things' that happened in Wooly's basement back in the late 90's? Or just talk about family, friends, holiday stuff and gnomes.

I'm saying its probably going to be gnomes.

But it struck me that this would be a good incentive to write more posts for my blog as well so in a very trendy move I'll be joining him on this endeavor to post at least one new post every day for the next twelve days. I've had some ideas of stuff to write and now I'll get them out there. And while Viscount will probably write up his Christmas day blog before hand I'm going to wait until the day to do so. Only because my family visits on Christmas Eve and the big day itself are generally crazy affairs and I'm going to share.

Ho ho ho.

That said if you have suggestions for things for me to bitch and complain about just let me know. Any stories you wanted me to share? Let me know. Public apologies I *may* owe people? Good luck on that one but I'll take those on a case by case situation. So fire away internets and friends and people that accidentally stumbled upon this. I'm ready.