Sunday, December 4, 2011

How do you Skyrim?

As I'm watching my wife play Skyrim its quite obvious that we're playing almost two totally different games. Let's see what I mean by this shall we?

The Wife

Jess is playing a Nord (viking/native to Skyrim) woman who excels at stealth and sneaking, light armor and lock picking (she's in the Thieves Guild BTW)...who's also a werewolf. She basically playing Catwoman mixed with some anger management issues when she wolfs out. When it comes to how she plays, she's very cautious when entering into almost every area of the game. She is 98% in the crouch/stealth mode. And she's good at it too. I've seen her in a combat with a companion of hers and the enemy ran right past her (she was crouching) and went into melee with her companion. Heck the enemy backed into her and didn't notice her....until she planted her war axe into his spine with a sneak attack.

For me its sometimes interesting to watch this but I have to admit its boring as all hell most of the times as she slowly, stealthily moves around the world. But that's how she wants to play. She wants to be the invisible assailant and it works for her.

Not me.

My Character

I'm an Orc Battlemage. I specialize in Heavy Armor, Conjuration & Destruction magics (with a dash of Restoration to heal me up), I do crazy damage with one handed weapons and can tank through most areas making as much of a ruckus as possible. No much is left standing in my way when I'm finished clearing out an area. Between summoning elemental beings to aid me in combat to launching a lighting bolt while hacking down a dragon in melee it sure feels good to be a war machine. I also have a fairly high lock picking skill and am reliable with my uses of Thu'ums (draconic shouts of power). My personal favorite is Marked for Death which erodes the targets armor rating away first then drains their life force. Makes them weaker for my axe to chop them down. I'm also in charge of The Dark Brotherhood (assassins guild) and Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold. I guess that means I have a PHD in magic and murder.

And I love it.

I love how we come to different solutions to problems we've encountered on quests. I love that how we experience the game is totally different from one play through to the next. This game is quiet possibly the closest to playing an 'Old School RPG' that you'll find. And I don't mean video game RPG, I mean table top RPG like 1st Ed D&D. Its very freeing that the player can choose his or her own path and play at your own pace.

Currently Jess is blazing through the Theives Guild quest line and The Companions quest line. She's also doing alot of side missions and exploring the towns and cities in a way that I don't. She's the champion of the people doing all sorts of side quests for those in need.

I'm advancing in the main storyline and doing the Daedric quests for the heck of it....and the achievement. I'm an achievement whore remember. Its immense fun.

So my question to the readers is what experiences in Skyrim are you having. In the comments write about your character, memorable encounter, whatever that makes your game of Skyrim unique from mine. I'd love to hear your stories.