Monday, January 9, 2012

Its Official! D&D 5th Edition has been announced and will hit in 2013!

And the crowd goes....meh.

I started seeing this at Grognardia this morning and went right to Wizards of the Coast for the formal announcement from Mike Mearls. So its happening but its no big surprise with all the Legends and Lore articles that Monte Cook and Mearls have been doing with their polls at the bottom chock full of loaded questions.

Now I don't mind when a company asks for my input on their products when it comes to my expectations but don't just deny ignore the fact you're putting out a new rules set earlier than expected due to poor reception from fans. In fact I think I will sign up to be part of the beta testing so I can see first hand how they will fuck this up yet again try to make players of all the various editions happy.*

Also here is the story ran in the New York Times about this hullabaloo.

By the way did anyone else see Mearls mention on the WotC site about how D&D Experience is moving to GenCon in 2013 as well? Now I can't wait to go to this to watch the insanity of it all.

But what do you, my fellow adventurers, think of this? Leave comments below and lets start discussing!

*Yeah, I'm not a fan of 4th Ed D&D rules. It doesn't work for the D&D setting in my humble opinion. However for a different game all together, Gamma World for example, its beautiful. The rules just have never felt right for me for a high fantasy game setting. Too mechanical and without any organic growth like prior editions allowed.