Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Legos! Slave 1 edition

Today I decided to tackle the other massive Lego model my wife got me for Christmas. I looked at this as a treat for myself since its the ship to one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters: Boba Fett.

The model itself has less parts than my other model, The Queen Anne's Revenge, but damn was it more complex. I actually cursed at Legos today. I never curse at Legos. Solicitors, telemarketers, neighbors, children, nature and lots of other things but not Legos.

In the end it was a satisfying build full of moving parts and complex smaller pieces. One complaint, hence the cursing, was building the base as it is made up of numerous parts that come apart when building the model up. Other than that it still kept me entertained for a few hours. Now I need somewhere to display this and the ship....and I need more Legos.

I'm Lego Boba Fett and I approve of this Slave 1