Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So what is Monte saying about his new project at WotC?

He said this last night.

What I found interesting was this quote: "It's meant to be a set of rules that unites all the previous editions, and the players of those editions."

So what does Monte mean by this? Is he trying to create some bizarre hodgepodge rule set using advice from fans to keep everyone happy? Or is he trying to create a unique conversion system that will allow players from all rule sets to keep using what they want, when they want it, with minimal conversion and all new supplements can be adapted to said rules du jour?

The hell if I know. With luck I will get into this play test that they offered. I want to see what is going on and I want to give my feedback. WotC has all but lost my money with a rules set I just don't want in high fantasy and revisions to known worlds that made them feel alien and unwelcoming.* Should I discuss what was done to the Forgotten Realms? Hell there is nothing being done with Greyhawk or a number of other worlds created, while not all were gold, there was some cool stuff there and it sits molding. Instead we got a very well written set of rules (for a board game) with settings and materials devoid of its roots except for its name.

So I'm going to keep an eye on this and if anything pops up I'll make sure to share.

*Except Eberron. It was so new that all they did was add the new stuff but not mess with the setting or topography of the world. If there were changes they seemed so minor compared to the sodomizing of the Realms.