Friday, February 10, 2012

Crafting the Game: Building a TOON Adventure for the Old Crew

Last night amongst a flurry of faceypage posting between friends I was issued a friendly challenge. My friend Bob posted on my wall a video montage from the original version of the movie The Wicker Man where the people were all replaced my The Muppets. The message was could I run a TOON game based off this premise?

Challenge accepted.

This also looks like a perfect time to assemble the "old guard" from the Easton/Phillipsburg area. People started replying to this call to arms at quite a alarming rate. It looks like early April is the go time to run this disasterpiece. Now all we need is a firm date and a location to play. I know my wife and I could host but we don't have a lot of room. Depending on the mob size it could be tight. Those logistics will come together closer to mid march.

Back to the game itself. I give you......

"The Wicker Pig"

General plot summary is as follows:

The "Guild of Interesting Mystery Preventers" is hosting their annual honey ham dinner when they receive a letter from the "Sticky Pig Ham Company" notifying them that their order was cancelled and to recoup the loss they are given a $5 off coupon to Taco Bell.

The members of G.I.M.P. find this odd and decide to investigate this and get their money back. Traveling to an island off the coast of South Jersey known as "La Isla de Los Cerdos Mortales Malvados de la Abeja" where the company resides. There the G.I.M.P.s get embroiled in to the islands citizens and employees festival "The Party Rock Ham Slam". Hijinks ensue. Will they survive? Do they get a refund or the ham?? And why is Michael Bay there???

Well? Does it sound TOON enough for you? I spent most of the day today cleaning the house and when taking breaks writing the full scenario, major events, villains to use and approximately 10 different PC's to be used. Next I need to start stating out the PC's and draw their portraits. It's a burst of inspriation I haven't had for gaming in a very long time. I've actually worked on an original idea. It's been an awesome day!