Thursday, February 23, 2012

LEGOS!!!!!!!! Mini Fig Series 6 is out!

So while shopping at our local French market, Target, I wandered past they toys like always looking for new Nerf weapons and Legos. And there on the end cap was Mini Fig Series 6! Hot damn! I was waiting for this to hit and I'm nice and happy right now to have acquired a few packs to bring home and geek over.

So what did I get?

In PJ's with Teddy Bear!

Complete with wrench, toolbox and greaser hair!

Lego Braveheart! Yes he is painted to look like he is in a kilt.

Lego Braveheart is also packing a SAH-WEET mullet!

"Stick 'em up you sack of horse-bricks!"

Lady Liberty in all her blocky glory!

In addition to these there are some other excellent Legos to fuel my addiction including a classic robot, minotaur, a genie and a leprechaun with pot of gold! I love this hobby of Lego collecting. I also can't wait until June when the Lord of the Rings series starts up and I also cannot wait to get my mitts on the official Lego Minecraft set!

So in conclusion....LEGOS!

Carry on.