Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Movie Review: The Woman In Black

A couple of things I realized watching this movie.

1) Daniel Radcliffe can do more than just Harry Potter.
2) He would make an excellent Edgar Allen Poe if that opportunity presented itself.
3) Never go see a horror movie on a friday night at the theater due to too much talking by the audience.

I liked the visual style of this movie. I loved the look of the haunted mansion the movie takes place in. It just oozes a creepy, macabre atmosphere. I liked the sound design the film used as it helped to establish mood easier than the script writing did. In that area the move was average at best and somewhat predictable.

I really wanted this movie to work too. I think it would have been a better experience if we went to a matinee or saw this at home. From the yelping housewives who then had uncontrollable giggles after each scare to the general rudeness of people through out the theater holding open and noisy conversations it just pulled you out of the experience all together.

So this I can only recommend as a rent. It's not a bad flick but it does fall a bit flat.