Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Shadowrun Game(s)

So while browsing the interweb this morning I come across this interesting article on Kotaku. Its about a Kickstarter funded Shadowrun video game that isn't the the browser based one. (BTW, the browser based one doesn't do anything for me for reasons I have yet to discover...)

What truly intrigues me about the project is who is helming it. Jordan Weisman (one of the creators to Shadowrun way back in the day). This in some way could be considered to be a coup of sorts. It embraces a very old school mentality and if they are using the old Data East made Shadowrun SNES game for inspiration I will be a very happy boy.

So happy in fact I think I may kick some money to the project just so it can happen.

Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter

I wish them well on this and I hope this game truly does kick some serious arse.