Monday, June 18, 2012

LEGO: Mighty Marvel Edition!

During the month of June there are two very important things my wife loves to celebrate. First is our wedding anniversary and the second is my birthday. This year she has gone full on Lego for my gifts and I couldn't be happier! The first of many brick related gifts was the one to tide me over until I can get the rest!

SHIELD SUV with Iron Man, Hawkeye and Loki!

The foundation to this looks like the Helicarrier.

Adding details and building up on the foundation.

The Loki Ejector 5000!

Looks rather Jeep-ish...


Iron Man in flight!

And the visor flips up to see Tony being adorably smug!

Lego Loki...who doesn't want to be filmed correctly. Such a trickster!

It was a rather easy build. No real problems. I do like the size of the tires and the fact it actually rolls around as a toy car would. Excellent stuff and just wait....there is more coming soon!

As always....LEGOS!