Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Long Time No Post....

Yeah, I know I've been MIA for weeks now and there have been a few months where I've been posting less and less. I apologize; I'm a bad web blogger. But in my defense there have a lot of things going on in my real life that has gotten in the way.

For starters: I got accepted into college and begin classes on August 27. I will be studying Communications with a slant towards Journalism and minoring in Art.  I have my class list already and I have Intro to Film Studies and Popular Culture and Mass Media in my first semester. I feel that you will see an improved quality in my posts/rants about movies and other aspects of the geek culture. This represents a major change in my life as I have never gone through college and after the loss of my job back in October 2011 and no prospects since.....I'm taking a major risk here. Accepting student loans to pursue a degree that will help me achieve my final goal of becoming a critic and getting paid to be opinionated. My wife is completely on board with this as my friends are as well. I have a lot of people rooting for me so I best not let them down or, most importantly, myself.

Speaking of friends I've also been reconnecting with ones that I haven't seen in a very long time. I'm glad to say that we've all grown up over the years but we picked up right where we left off. It is as if we never stopped spending time together and I love that about these guys and gals. We hang out, talk about everything possible in our fields of interest, learn new things and bust each others chops like seasoned professionals. Best of all is that we know it is out of friendship and not malice.

As for gaming, LEGO and other things I usually pollute the interwebs with there has been quite a bit of that too. I've just had a limited amount of time to discuss those topics with vacations and some family problems that have sprung up. Nothing serious just some severe storms wrecked havoc on my parents property and I've been assisting with the clean up efforts. Trees......trees everywhere.

So I will get back in the swing of it sooner than later. Thanks for hanging in there with me and not just dropping off and running for the hills. I feel the best is yet to come here. Stick around won't you?