Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gaming Goals for 2013

Stealing this idea right from Eric at GWTG I thought about what gaming goals I would like to do for the next year. Without further ado...

1) Hang up my DM screen for long term campaigns.

Now I will run the occasional one shot games, I'm going to run two different Star Wars one offs for two different groups in the winter and I will run the occasional game of Rappan Athuk for a group of friends that just want a dungeon crawl fun time. I don't want to return to long drawn out adventures/campaigns that will detract from my study time in college. I've been GMing for years, I like doing it but its time to back away and let others tell a story.

2) Play in a few more games

This is something I can do while in school as it is less time consuming for me. I can sit down and play with less effort than planning to run an 8+ hour session on a saturday. Besides I also get to focus on one character instead of many and can have some fun driving someone else insane with my player ideas.

3) GenCon

It's what Jess and I are looking forward to in 2013. Its our gaming vacation. Four days of fun. Can't wait.

Now with the goals out of the way, what am I looking at possibly playing this year?

1) Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

An Arabian themed adventure with genies, bizarre magics, flying carpets, world ending consequences. Yes please! Also Charles is running it for me and our group and I've been waiting patiently to have him GM for me again. I still hold our short Ars Magica game in very high regard.

2) Make Bruce run something for our other group!

Here is another person I'd like to play under his watchful eye again. Bruce has a pulp/noir sensibility that I want to revel in in some kind of game that doesn't use the HERO rules. Something simpler. I'm thinking 'Cosmic Patrol' or play a d20 Modern set in the weird science version of the 1940's/1950's. Bruce running a super science pulp heroic game. Hell yes!

3) Continuing on with The Council of Thieves Adventure Path

Jim has been excellent with this and when Runelords concludes we're continuing on with this I hope. It is just a blast to play and Jim keeps the story moving at a nice pace, improvises to improve all our enjoyment and keeps everything fun but never easy. Essentially what a good GM does. I tend to know a lot of those folk.

4) More Call of Cthulhu!

Eric is doing a wonderful job with this and now we have a good solid group and I have a character of my own creation and *liked* playing. Cannot wait to see where this tale takes us! Also I need to find out just how much Jugular Josh's PC likes eggs.

5) Eclipse Phase

Next time Dave runs this at the local Meetup I'm there. I had immense fun playing the stock PC and I'll keep him going for the next session as the Xenoarchaeologist for the party. Dave really has a strong grasp as to how a sci-fi transhumanist horror/conspiracy game should play. It also needs to be said that its enjoyable making him crack up during the game due to some idiosyncrasy that I determined my PC has and playing it through out but not in a general way. Fun fun fun.

6) Board game nights!

This needs to happen. They are fast and fun and a great excuse to hang out with folk on a friday night.

7) Warmachine and DUST: Tactics

Minitures games I can endorse. Warmachine is just fun and DUST is sitting on my shelves yearning to be played. Eric wants to give DUST a try so I'm keen on that. I also know Jona is always ready to rumble in Warmachine. find the time to fit it all in....