Monday, October 29, 2012

QMR: 7 Psychopaths

Not the comedy that the commercials make it out to be yet it was pretty enjoyable.

That sentence really sums up my feelings toward the film in a complete and succinct manner. I liked this movie, I will end up owning this movie but it is not a comedy. A black comedy akin to "American Psycho" for sure but not a traditional comedy.

Each actor did a wonderful job with their parts. I was shocked how much I liked Colin Farrell in this. Christopher Walken was as enjoyable as always, Woody Harrelson was a perfect villain for this insanity too. Sam Rockwell's character seems the most out of place but stick with it and it becomes quite possibly the best character in the movie.

It was enjoyable and by the end emotionally draining. As it should have been too because when you hang out with psychopaths all day you too would be drained. Keep that in mind if you choose to watch this quirky film.