Friday, January 24, 2014

On time management skills...

When it comes to time allotment for doing school work I feel I am capable (including procrastination time as well). However I am apparently lousy at including people other than my wife into my allotments. In other words I miss spending time with my friends dearly.

I understand that plans get cancelled by myself and others as real life and other issues arrive but I got to say that knowing this still doesn't ease the feeling that by neglecting my friends (even for real reasons) I am losing touch with them and they will fade away some and move on. That depresses me somewhat.

So it needs to be something I will address more; taking time to keep in touch more with those who's friendships I value more than they probably know. I should send an email (at minimum) to check on them but in lieu of a meet up I will call on the phone.

I will just need to start to rely less on Facebook to be a point of contact. That shit is just evil; you are connected to a small degree but it is painfully impersonal. Essentially I miss the messiness of actual interaction; it is all the flubs and mistakes that represent us more truthfully and honestly than a format where we can edit and carefully craft messages.

All I got to do now is find some time to make some calls.....