Sunday, August 14, 2011

GenCon 2011: The BEST Four Days of Waiting in Line in Gaming!

Harsh sounding? Well, yes, and it wasn't an exaggeration either. There were lines EVERYWHERE at GenCon. Lines to get tickets, lines for events, food, purchases, etc. And at least half of the line waiting was somewhat preventable by either the con or the visitors. Case in point the waiting in line at the major exhibitor's booths (I'm glaring at you Paizo & Fantasy Flight). On the average it was a 30+ minute wait just to check out with your purchases. All I wanted from Fantasy Flight was the Arkham Horror Ashcan Pete figure for $3.99. The line was approx 12 people in length with a few registers going. It didn't move. At all. After 5 minutes I left the line, put poor old Pete back, and walked away. Paizo wasn't any better either. 3 registers with one dedicated to credit card only purchases. It was another 30+ minute wait. This time I was picking up my Subscription purchases (already paid for...just to pick up at con) & a few other things. Still....30+ minutes. The credit card machines kept going down (which on day one of the con I can see happening) however the Paizo "fans" all wanted to bullshit with the employees and choked the lines to a standstill. Really...get the hell out of line if you want to chat. I have things to do dickbrain!
 I won't even get started on the lines to get into some of the event halls. That was a complete circus especially for the bigger companys with alot of events running. Needless to say I'll be avoiding those areas next time I go.
 And there will be a next time because even with all the line crawling and human gridlock in the con center's hallways the overall experince was a lot of fun for both myself and the wife. I'd go into more detail here but this was for bitching about the lines only. And if you have horror stories of waiting in line at GenCon or any other con and want to share....feel free.