Sunday, August 14, 2011

Achievement Unlocked: Purchased More Gaming Goodies at GenCon

Ok now the more important stuff: the swag obtained at GenCon. Let's just cut to the list.

1) Call of Cthulhu 30th Anniversary Edition ---Awesome, just plain awesome. And it was my first purchase there as well. Leather bound, with a very appealing interior layout design. I want to just keep this on my coffee table at all times but the wife will probably think I'm going to summon Hastur or something....

2) Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity --- this was a suprise for me at the con since I did not know this was coming out. I LOVE this setting for Call of Cthulhu! Modern day government operatives & citizens fighting to keep the darkness at bay just a bit longer. This 320 page hardcover goes into detail about some areas of the world where REALLY bad things are going down. If you thought Innsmouth was a society overrunn by the Deep Ones try visiting scenic Black Cod Island off the coast of British Columbia where they have been pairing with the human populace for many MANY generations. Do you like Ghouls? How about Voodoo? Try New Orleans! And there is much more in here. Not only is it a fantastic read (as usual for Delta Green and Pagan Publishing) but it has so much info inside it'll keep any Keeper happy. The highlight of getting this was talking to Greg Stolze and Adam Scott Glancy at length about the setting (and they signed my book too). I was perplexed when after fanboy gushing to Mr Glancy about how much I love this setting (Thanks again Bob! When can we play again?) he told me that they rarely hear praise from the public about the books and are generally elated when they sell copies!
 So if you like well written gaming books set in a downright fantastic setting....pick up the Delta Green line from Pagan Publishing. I can't recommend it enough.

3) Degenesis (Posthuman Studios): This is a german post apocalyptic RPG set 500 years after a meteor strike damn near wiped out mankind on earth. The meteor was packing the same proto-DNA that kicked off life on earth and now it started to cause mutations in society. Those mutants (with powers) are the villians. Mankind is in ruin and we're fighting to survive.
 Admittedly I like the tone of this setting. The biggest selling point for me was the artwork within. It looks wonderfully distopian in a graphic novel way. Its very hard edged, pulls no punches on subject matter (technology, society, religion) and looks like it will give me numerous ideas for use in games I run. I don't know if I'll try this system out but I may. For what I wanted this for totally justified the purchase.

4) Shadowrun The Runner's Black Book (Limited Ed). This is a compilation of about 6 PDF's worth of info Catalyst put out for sale with vehicles, weapons and other goodies plus all new material not included in the original PDF's. And it was leatherbound & the author signed it for me as well. I do play Shadowrun so this book of goodies is a no brainer. I also picked up Arsenal as well which is just a big book of guns and other weapons. My technomancer is now going to be loaded to bear.

I also picked up some more dice from Q Workshop ( my favorite dice makers and they are from Poland too boot! And the dice do roll correctly and are also numbered right...jerks), picked up my 'Pie Cthulhu' print from Echo Chernik ( ). Check out her work it is astounding. I picked up my Condition Cards, Pathfinder Society Field Guide and A.P. subscription issues from Paizo (not Ultimate Combat aint worth 40 bucks folks...I'll go into that another time if someone asks), and a few other odds and ends. Nothing like the sheer volume of crap I got in 2009. And my list was huge this time & I walked out with roughly 1/6th of what I wanted. Mostly cause, well, I don't know when I'll ever get to play it.

Enough jawing....back to Earth Defense Force on the X360.EDF! EDF! EDF!