Thursday, August 18, 2011

I heal you!

Whenever a goblin cleric says this prepare to take damage. Apparently they only heal their party members with dysentery. Or at least my friend Matt's goblin PC did when we played 'We Be Goblins' at GenCon 2011 just a few weeks back. And by dysentery I mean the channel negative energy burst that he 'thought' he was healing us with.

What a douche.

Anyways, this brings me to discussing a new Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion. As the title implies this 32 page folio goes into detail about the goblins, their 'quirks', different tribes, religious beliefs, phobias, etc. And its all enjoyable to read. The gang at Paizo has taken a somewhat disrespected creature in the RPG world and injected so much charisma and personality into them that I would actually consider running a irregular 'all goblin game' with a overall story arc.

From a few new goblin specific feats, traits and spells (Fire Sneeze is my favorite) to some detail about the various regions goblins are found in and the tribes of each region, this quickly becomes a guide that both players and GM's will find enjoyable and useful.

And I need to mention the art inside. Its just funny. My favorites are the art for Fire Sneeze which features a goblin witch blowing a flaming booger out her nose and the larger goblin pirate ship complete with crew. Its completely adorable...until they board your ship and start murdering your crew.

For a race that is generally laughed at when encountered when playing, Paizo has managed to make these losers totally cool and worthy of being main foes for many levels of play. Now while I can't recommend it at full retail price ($10.99) I will say to shop around & you'll find it for a few bucks cheaper. And when you do its so very worth it.

Now its time for me to plan to heal Matt's bard at this weekend's game with dysentery. Payback...thy name is Phil (the GM).