Sunday, August 28, 2011

Never NEVER allow anyone in your house named Jerry.

Mostly because they suck. Yet in the case of "Fright Night" its because Jerry is a vampire hell bent on devouring you, your family, friends & girlfriend.

"Fright Night" was the date night movie du jour for the wifey and I on friday. And we both liked it. We really really liked it. Cripes it stars Chekov and Doctor Who for gods sake; why wouldn't I like it? Oh and that Colin Farrel guy who has starred in a few other movies as the major baddie.

Now I thought the casting was great for this. From Charlie Brewster, his mom, girlfriend, friends at school, Jerry the Vampire and Peter Vincent. I swear once David Tennant shows up the movie gets 200 times cooler and more enjoyable.

 In fact for the first half of the flick it is trying to be a serious, tension filled, horror flick (and to be honest it was dragging its ass a bit during this) until Jerry does something so ridiculous to the Brewster house that the rest of the movie *HAS* to keep on par with that or lose the audience. But fortunately it keeps up with the ramped up sense of lunacy (and dare I say cartoony action/horror) and it keeps your butt glued to the seat for the rest of the flick and it comes on like a Veyron doing 250+ MPH.
Its maddening. And it all leads up to Charlie going shopping for supplies and he goes to raid Jerry's home to save his girlfriend. Oh and Peter Vincent comes along with him to help Charlie kick serious vampire ass.

  Speaking of Peter Vincent..... while David Tennant is playing the iconic role first played by Roddy McDowell he isn't aping Roddy nor is he playing The Doctor. Tennant has crafted his own version of Peter Vincent. A Chris Angel Mindfreak-ish charlatan. A tortured soul. And a total coward but does the right thing and helps Charlie even though he knows this is suicide. Tennant is just awesome. Put this man in more movies.....NOW. (Just not in leather pants again....I didn't need to see him rubbing his balls cause of the chaffing....and going on about it....).

  And finally Jerry. Colin Farrel is amazing as a vampire. It wasn't the Chris Sarandon smarmy, slimy, 80's ladies man from the original film. No, Farrel was a shark. A total alpha male predator. A great white in the suburbs of Las Vegas. He was brutal, chilling, and just evil. And you can see that he enjoyed the hell out of playing this. And I will say that if Farrel wasn't Jerry this movie wouldn't have been as fun.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Go see this. Now. Go. And you don't need to see it in 3D either. 2D was just fine for me and the movie still rocked.

"Fright Night" ........ a kick ass way to end the summer movie season. I recommend it.