Monday, September 19, 2011

Carrion Crown or The Newest Adventures of Scooby Dooby Doo!

 And since I'm still wide flipping awake now I'll go ahead and introduce the party to the sunday PFRPG game. Also as the title suggests that this game plays more like Scooby Doo than a horror game that it was designed to be....and we wouldn't have it any other way. Too much fun to be had here.

The Players

Matt - Thredorik Trapspringer (male dwarven rogue 6 / uncouth / carries the party's goods a-la Nodwick)
Jess  -  Nisha  (female tiefling fighter(weapon master kit) 6 / combat monster....literally / gruff / kicks alot of ass with her great axe)
Charles - Zuri (male aasimar wizard 6 / varisian wanderer/ harrow reader / captain charisma & diplomacy)
Charles - Dragos ( Zuri's raven familiar / smart ass / likes shiny things and pastries)
Me - Julian Du Marc ( male human cleric of Pharasma 6 / NPC/PC / stoic / diplomatic / slayer of the undead and defender of the living / VERY droll sense of humor)
Me again - DM (DM / rules dude / story mover-along-er / still bribed by pie or hot cocoa)

Now look at our classes. Now our races. We are the most unorthodox basic party set up I've seen in quite some time. And its awesome. Our relatively unique natures, either by race or character backgrounds, has made this batch of heroes outsiders just because we're weirder than what we've so far faced off against. And that has just drove the party together tighter and we have gone from strangers who met at a funeral to a common friend to friends ourselves standing up to the darkness. And boy do we bump back.

Now we're not as far along as the Runelords group but we're cooking along at a nice pace. The Carrion Crown Adventure Path is a horror adventure set in the haunted countryside of Ustalav. Its supposed to be scary and tense, which it has been at times, but with the first book of the AP the game mutated into a dynamic of Scooby Doo and with regards to the first book.....Ghostbusters. The first book had us exorcising a haunted prison while fulfilling a last request we received from a friends last will & testament.

 More recently in book 2 we found evidence that the Beast of Lepistad (a Frankenstein like golem) was actually innocent of the crimes it was accused of during a 3 day trial. Lots of role play there kids. And it was good too. Law & Order eat your hearts out. Now we're en route to visit the creator of The Beast to see why he was loose and to get there before the angry mob of townies burns down his abode. They didn't like the fact we proved their scape goat for all their problems was innocent and actually a kind soul. Almost childlike in nature. Nope, those tea townies don't like logic and facts and still want to get their pitchforks and torches on.


And I seriously can't wait to see which sunday we're all available again so the adventure continues on. Unlike the Runelords game where I'm the constant DM, in Carrion Crown I also play. Something I miss doing alot. And while I do play Shadowrun monthly ( and love it) I miss the fantasy setting. I have alot of characters just waiting for me to put onto paper and for me to play. Julian was one of them & I'm happy to get to play him.
Kirris Xar'cha (drow cleric of Arawai from my Eberron game which this blog is named after) was another. Bart Fatima (cleric of Isis in Mike's home brew Morituria campaign) was and is my favorite PC of all time.
(Sorry Rolf...but you're a very close second place).

I can't wait until I finally get a bit of rest behind the screen again and get to be on the players side. And this time I'm NOT playing any more clerics.....for now.