Monday, September 19, 2011

In honor of the Castle season premiere....

 A fictitious author from an ABC TV series that 'writes' successful novels such as Heat Wave and Naked Heat that are also shown on the show now has an adaptation of one of his first big faux novels. And its just a totally fun ride from ABC & (Disney's) Marvel Comics.

Co-written by comics guru Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue Deconnick and illustrated by artist Lan Medina. It captures the feel that the TV series writer projects, has all the wit, sarcasm, action and fun of the show as well. And I would have liked this even if I wasn't a Castle fan.

STOP. LAUGHING. PLEASE. I'm a fan of Castle. So what. Its excellent TV and the best thing on Monday nights.

This is the origin story of the titular hero Derrick Storm the private investigator who stumbles upon a missing CIA operative wanted for going rogue. Afterwards he is contacted by the CIA to assist in tracking down others in an ongoing investigation of rogue agents. This journey spans from the New Jersey-esque trailer parks to New York City and then out into Nicaragua for the tense and bloody finale. People die, lives get irrevocably altered, and opportunities appear in a pseudo-pulp fashion. All with a knowing wink & smile to the reader that says 'just enjoy the ride'.

The artwork is good too. All the characters are well defined in their looks, the action is well drawn out and the facial expressions given really help sell the mood and tone of voice for the dialogue. Like I said, good stuff. I only had a problem or two with how some of the comic panels were displayed. There was a time
that I jumped to the wrong panel and lost my spot but found it quickly and in the correct order. A nitpick for comic lay outs but it didn't diminish my enjoyment at all.

So for a Castle fan such as I and others I know its a definite buy. For others just testing the waters of the show and its universe I still recommend it heartily. For those with no idea what I'm talking about but like espionage and cheesy dialogue borrow it and if you like it.....start watching Castle and then buy your own copy of Deadly Storm.