Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deus Ex, hurricanes, leaking ceilings and lay offs.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...its been a few days but alot has gone to hell recently so forgive my tardiness in posting another riveting blog for the 3 that read this drivel.

And you can stop laughing now. I know nobody actually reads this.

First, due to the heavy driving rainfall brought on by Hurricane Irene (who I blame Steve Salomonsen for bringing back with him from the Outer Banks) our room has a new decorative waterfall in it every time it rains thanks to the leaky roof. The bitch of it all is its not our landlords responsibility to repair this. Its the condo associations. And we've been told that we're "on the list" but "not high priority". I'll make sure to remind the condo association that when they call me at work to report a bug problem and demand day before problem occurs time travel service.

Bunch of jerks.

So in between emptying buckets in the bedroom when it rains (and some of my colleagues have so eloquently stated "that's the most action that room has ever seen") I've kept busy with playing one of the best and most enjoyable games I've played in years......but its still not better than EDF.

                                 Deus Ex: Human Revolution (X360 version not PC one)

Anyways its the prequel to the cult classic and critically adored Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. And, well, it sure lives up to the linage it was birthed from. Its a first person action/RPG/shooter that bends preconceived notions on just how to tell a good story but also how you PLAY the game itself. There is no right or wrong way to approach the challenges this presents to you as you lead Adam Jensen as he searches for the answers to who attacked the corp he worked for and who murdered his ex-girlfriend during the attack (also scientist). Guns blazing, complete stealth, hacking computers, taking bribes, being the very best humanity can offer or giving into becoming a slave to the machine through your augments.

Control wise its pretty standard shooter load out. And at first those who do play more shooters will see where things (like targeting and jumping) could have been tuned up and made more responsive. Graphics are really well done and atmospheric using a primary black and gold color scheme to give the whole game a very noir look. And it looks amazing. Just wait until you see what Detroit looks like with all the tall buildings, advertisements, slums, can see where they took the look of Blade Runner as inspiration. Then when you get to gets better. Eidos manages to make the environment both open and welcoming as well as oppressive simultaneously.

Voice acting could have been better but that's just a nit pick from me. There was just times Adam sounded like Christian Bale doing the Batman voice from The Dark Knight. And the story is the real gem here. Its engaging, compelling and has enough plot twists to keep you guessing all the way to the very end and the 4 possible outcomes that occur. I invested about 20-25 hours and I could have kept going for another 80+.
I'm also into my 2nd play through this time bend more on all stealth and computer skills to get the job done. 3rd play through is all guns blazing. Its sublime folks. Go play and love it.

Finally its official that I'm getting furloughed again for the fall/winter (read: layoff). I'm out from October 1st through January 3rd 2012. It sucks but on the bright side I can clean up more in the townhouse and pack stuff back up as Jess & I are on the formal house hunt, Oh and I will have more time to keep up with this and keep spreading my juvenile opinion into the great information mesh.

And play Resistance 3.....which is the best game Insomniac has EVER MADE. I'll review it in depth but to give a small idea of just how much I'm enjoying it.....its *almost* beats out EDF for most fun playing games this year (so far).

In closing I do want to thank the folk that occasionally stop in to read my stream of consciousness of Internet babble. And please share your thoughts too. I always like explaining how people are love reading others opinions to cause healthy debate.