Monday, August 29, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together!

Saturday the wife and I headed out to our friends (Matt & Brian) place to play in our 1 per month Shadowrun game. For those not familiar with Shadowrun its a tabletop RPG set in a future version of earth full of sci-fi technology, magic, monsters and megacorporations who damn near control everything. And the players get to play Shadowrunners.....essentially hired criminals. Each with their own special abilities.

Here's the quick rundown of the runners on our team.

Jess - Aki (female elf physical adept/ ronin samurai)
Brian - Grey (human shaman/party band aid (healer))
Evil Brian - Sanzo (male elf ranged adept/gun slinger)
Jack - Jumpstart (orc rigger/wheel man)
Thya - Dot (ogre brawler/fashion diva)
Me - 8-Bit (human technomancer/squatter with no I.D. in the system)
Matt - GM (guy behind the screen making our lives difficult/alpha Shadowrun weenie)

This was the second part of a job we were doing for a client. Basically we were going to 'borrow' an executive for a major mega-corp for a few days so he would miss a critical shareholders vote. Well much like the last session (pre-A.E. bloggery) it was just Aki, Sanzo, Grey & 8-Bit (Jack & Thya couldn't make it so Matt just kinda had them do things on the side while we planned). Oh and we planned. We planned to get into the hotel, hijack the mark & then hold him in the same mega-lux hotel he was staying at....just on floor up and on the other side of the building.

8-bit cracked the hotel's admin functionality and had free reign access to security etc. I then (after a few tests to see if I could crack this system) checked Aki & Sanzo into the hotel as a married couple on vacation. Grey and 8-bit went in as maintenance workers. Once the room was acquired we planned the heist. And folks this went down smooth...for the folk taking the mark. 8-bit almost got caught mucking with the security cameras but dumped a rival user out of the net so I could finish.

So when the mark showed up at night the rest of the crew was ready (with Jumpstart & Dot as the getaway van/distraction). Grey used magic to stun all the bodyguards and the mark. Aki & Sanzo pulled him out of the limo and threw him into the van. Then I paused the video feed (after I dumped the other user who saw I was on but didn't expect me to full on attack him & kicking him out of VR....unconscious). They pulled the mark out of his clothes (to make sure he didn't have any tracers on him), placed him in a laundry cart, Aki & Sanzo got back into formal attire and strolled into the building while Grey pushed the laundry cart into an elevator I had waiting. I kept the cameras off of him until he got into the room then resumed "normal" viewing. With the vid recording again (and after I altered the timestamp) Jumpstart and Dot raced off and I called the cops (we have to make it look like a heist after all). And even after the hiccup of we had to keep him there for 2 more days than needed, the prying from security, intrusions from housekeeping, and one nasty wasp spirit (which was our only fatality....but we had no choice...) we pulled it off. It was Ocean's 11 slick. Cops had no friggin' clue we had the target hidden at the crime scene the whole damn time. It was ballsy move but paid off big. This is the 'short short' version of the night but you got a good idea of the crap we pulled off. And I'm so very proud of the party for being able to pull this off.

And I do have to thank Matt for letting us put this rope around our PC's necks and seeing if we can make it go smoothly.....even though he had a wasp spirit show up....and extended the job by 2 days cause we were making the game really REALLY short by how well prepared we were.

What a total pecker head.

But it was a blast and I can't wait to hear what new job is in store for this crew.