Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About the blogs I read.

Those that know me understand I have a 'dislike' to borderline loathing of older editions of the RPG that started it all for damn near all of us reading this. Just mentioning playing AD&D makes me want to throw a brick at the person who mentioned it (on a bad day). I'm a 3.5/Pathfinder fan. So why in Vecna's Colon do I follow so many blogs that adhere to the Old School Revival (OSR)?

Two reasons actually.

1) They are good reads. While I don't use the rule systems most write about in a positive fashion, its still an enjoyable read and there are alot of topics that any DM or player for any system can relate to. Also some are just funny. Its almost like listening to your grandparents complain about the 'damn kids on their lawn....rolling d20's and not having THAC0'.

2) They remind me why I got into this hobby in the first place. I find lots of information about players, how to DM better, how to be a better player, etc within these blogs. I read the comments and still see that there are kindred souls out there that like to play to have fun, to have their choices as players mean something, that adventure is still a valid reason to go out without a preset path. In short, they help me to try to keep true to my roots. And while I DM adventure paths for the two games I currently run it was more out of necessity due to time restraints.

Ideally the game I should be running would be more akin to those of old. Players roll up their characters within a world I created. I give them a hook to start their adventuring careers and then let their whims and desires dictate what happens to them. Let their actions speak for them. Let their choices have consequences both good and bad. Have them go out and experience the world on their terms not one set by a block of modules.

Sounds pretty good huh?

Yeah, my choice of rule set is Pathfinder. I'm proud to say that. But apparently my mindset is old school. And that makes me smile. And while I won't agree with some of the topics on the blogs I read (PFRPG gives you cancer! THAC0 isn't the devil [it IS by the way]) I feel it helps to remind me of the best times I had and reminds me to strive to not be a total douche and ruin what is a truly fun hobby to have.