Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About Dark Souls.....

And I just want to point this out about Demon's Souls. The only way to get a strategy guide for that game was to preorder it and get the collectors edition. I didn't know there was a collectors edition and thus I didn't get a guide book. It was hell without help but I managed.

Dark Souls has a guide book for sale.

Good luck trying to find it. My wife did for me and it is awesome. But I'm only falling back onto it when I really hit a wall and can't move on. I want to earn this like I earned victories in Demon's Souls.

For me the real joy of this book is this is the guide book for me to convert this to tabletop. Hell, just flipping through it looks more like an RPG book than a hint book. Its hardcover, full color, heavy stock paper with maps, info about the world, gear & magical items, monsters (with tactics), NPC's you encounter, some history of the world. Its better than anything WotC has produced in the past 5 years. Its better than what Paizo has put out in the past 2 years (mostly due to the fact there is no Wayne Reynolds in it... I'm so sick of seeing his work on most of the Paizo books. Find some more artists to use please! They are out there!).

Conversion will be a bit slow but it will happen. All I'll have to find are people willing to play through a rather dark setting where death will occur and the souls of the fallen empower you and are the currency for the land.

Sounds pretty good to me. Especially around Halloween.