Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Games I Own and WANT to Play.....NOW!!!

This is just more of an interest grabbing post but being a gamer isn't an easy life. No sir. You see we tend to accumulate alot of games and a good chunk of those never actually get played.


That is such a shame too. While I do have alot of games a fair number of them I use for inspiration for other things I want to do. And I do enjoy reading for pleasure as well. But here a few I do own that I actually want to play. And if you want to as well....just let me know.

Tactical warfare set in an alternate WWII era world where super science prevails. And its got mechs, gorilla soldiers and zombies. Why the hell not. Looks like a total rip. Nice change of pace from gnomes....

A sci-fi game where we choose who we are by downloading our consciousness into new sleeves (bodies). Be anything you can imagine (within the games structure) and survive in a star faring society who is just on the brink of Armageddon. My quick blurb doesn't do this game justice. Go here to read more.

See my previous blog post about this game and you'll know why.

One of the best comics out there becomes easily one of the most accessible RPG's in awhile. And you're playing as frakking mice with swords. C'mon! Medieval mice!

And finally playing mutants in a post apocalyptic world set after the Big Mistake. Changing powers, unique and crazy encounters, easy to grasp simplified 4E D&D rules. Its a beer and pretzels game of epic proportions. Next to Dark Sun its the only other 4E game I would ever run. Its fun in a box. WotC needs to make more games like this and do something totally different for its D&D fantasy lines.

And there you go. That's my want list. Whats yours? Comment are always appreciated.