Monday, October 24, 2011

If someone asks if you are a god.....

Well its obvious you say bed!


In a pseudo Halloween spirit this past Thursday evening the wifey, Matt and Brian all went to see 'Ghostbusters' in the theater for a special screening during the month of October. I'm happy we went.

When the movie came out in theaters back in the day I was just a little kid and my parents didn't take me to see it with them. Oh well. Over the years I've seen it on TV, VHS, DVD and BluRay. And finally I've got to see it on the big screen.

And what a treat it was. The print was cleaned up to be shown on a digital projector so it looked really crisp and clean. I did notice some parts where the matte paintings showed motion behind them but no big deal. Its freaking Ghostbusters in the theater!

I will admit that I tried my hardest not to throw quotes during the whole movie and the audience did the same for the most part. It was a almost packed theater, about 90% + full, and the talking and quoting were kept to a minimum. The laughter was on full force as we all laughed at the same jokes, puns, sight gags that we've all known for years like it was the first time seeing it.

I am hoping this becomes an October tradition and they show this every year for Halloween. And why not? We keep getting Rocky Horror every Halloween and Valentines Day so why not Ghostbusters for those that don't want to see Tim Curry in drag singing about being a 'sweet transvestite'.

And what I've heard and what I'm hoping for is this showing was a 'test' to see if the franchise can still attract an audience and is still relevant. Well it is. So get on with Ghostbusters 3 already. Cause I really want to get the gang back together.