Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Power Outages, Puss in Boots and Pathfinder. Oy!

Well the past few days since the last post have been full of large quantities of bullshit. What bullshit you say?
How about an early nor'easter that dumped about 4-6 inches of VERY heavy and wet snow on the area that caused all sorts of power outages through out the north eastern United States for starters.

And my wife and I were right in the middle of it all. This storm started in the early afternoon and by 4pm we lost power. So it was a night by candlelight, drinking Red Stag and Coca-Cola, and talking. Only talking. I will go on record saying that I was not in trouble or being punished. The 'talk only' policy came about due to...well....you can figure it out.

By sunday it was warming up to about 50F and we could smell that our food in the fridge was going. And we threw out everything. Not fun. Sunday afternoon we paid a visit to my folks to shower and sunday night we stayed in a local hotel. I was surprised that this new Holiday Inn Express had a gym, spa, indoor pool and the rooms were really damn big! And it was reasonably priced plus we got our AAA discount. As Jess said it was a camping trip.

Monday we took clothes to the laundromat and stopped by the folks to use their internet to catch up on some stuff. And fortunately by 1pm we got a call saying the power was restored at our home. Elation ensued. Groceries purchased. And trick or treaters were given candy. All nine of them that showed up.

While we got lucky on the power front a large chunk of our friends are still without power and we wish them the best and will do what we can to help out.

Skipping back a bit I mentioned Pathfinder in the header too. We were supposed to assemble the Carrion Crown crew for the final leg of the second book; a journey into the Schloss Caromarc to visit the creator of The Beast. Snow fucked that up on saturday. No power or heat fucked that plan sunday. So we are aiming for this coming saturday to get this going. And I swear I will hunt down any errant weather deities and smite them if they throw any more bad weather at NEPA. Weather....you're on notice.

In other Pathfinder related news a book I ordered back in september arrived today and I'm happy.

Now I will start working on that Dark Souls homebrew conversion I mentioned in an earlier post. I've had some quality time with this 799 page beast and I'm happy with the purchase. I can see this getting alot of mileage at my table when I'm not running an adventure path. Hell I may just throw in a random encounter out of here just to keep them on their toes.

Lastly to keep our dwindling sanity this weekend (and to find something to do when we were out of power) the wifey and I went and saw a movie. And our friends Matt and Brian joined us as well.

Funny. Very funny movie. It made me almost totally forget about the Shrek franchise. And I'd like to (to be honest). It was full of really good action, it looked great in 2D (again.....no need for 3D unless the movie is designed and filmed only for that format), voice acting was superb with Banderas and Galafanakis as the standouts. From the opening monologue from Puss talking about all the names he is known by (Chewbacca-cabra is my favorite) to the one liner that his cat nip is for glaucoma I had no problem laughing through out. The only weak link for me was Salma Hayek as Kitty Softpaws. She wasn't a strong enough character to the uber-charismatic Puss and at times it felt that they could have cast anyone in that role instead of Salma. And its a shame as she and Banderas have worked together so often and have good chemistry. Its a small nitpick to an otherwise excellent time at the theater.

And it really helped. I feel that if we didn't go to the movies and have some fun there would have been stress induced fighting all the way up until power was restored. Essentially Puss in Boots may have saved my life. Cause it was only a matter of time that I would say/do/think something stupid and my wife would have obliterated me. And then I wouldn't be here to share this with you. And you would be sad.

All two of you who actually read this.

Hi mom.