Monday, December 19, 2011

The 12 Days of Blogs-mas: Issue #6

I was using my Facey-page to ask (read: beg and plead for) new suggestions for posts today. I ended up with a lot of good ones too. From the biggest RPG rules set change faux pax/ improvements, most memorable player I've played with and their character, number of PC or Player deaths I've dealt or witnessed and describe them, to 'What doesn't The Dude abide?'.

All are valid. Only one though made me put my Eclipse Phase post on the back burner for another day. I don't think Charles will mind as he's currently one with the Force. So the question posed by my friend Jeremy (from the notorious P-Burg/Easton Crew) was the following:

"You're doing a big budget comic movie but have to cast only your friends. Who would you cast and why?"

Ironically.....I've already thought of this. I have no life. I admit it.

But what movie would I be casting?

                                                                   Justice League

Now for my lineup I will have core members as well as secondary heroes. For the villains I'd probably match up members of congress, wall street bankers, hipsters and emo kids. But I'm going to focus on the casting of the heroes of my Justice League movie.

The Line-up:
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Martian Manhunter
  • The Flash
  • Doctor Fate
  • Plastic Man
  • Lobo
  • The Question
  • The Green Arrow
  • WildCat
  • Aquaman
  • Vigilante


The Man of Steel, the ultimate boy scout, truth, justice, blah blah blah would be played by one of my dearest friends, one of my groomsman and an ultimate boy scout in his own right (made Eagle Scout). Dr. Marino S is the embodiment of Superman. Marino is that kind and compassionate. He does the right things. His heart is truly matched to Kal-El's. And he probably owns blue tights too. But to me Marino is a shining example of virtue and valor. He's Superman.


A chunk of friends know who fills this roll. Heck he's practically there already. My friend Bill E. is not only a Batman fan...ah hell he thinks he is Batman. And I've seen him dressed as the Dark Knight for Halloween and he's more intimidating than any Batman to EVER grace the silver screen. Also Bill is a police officer and does real detective work. He solves crimes and puts the perps away. He also hasn't used a gun to do so as of now. Bill commands respect when he enters a room. His personality is as forceful as Batman's is. Fortunately this Batman doesn't have a Robin to follow him around.

Wonder Woman

My wife Jess. She's compassionate, loyal, fierce, headstrong, a warrior at heart. She just needs the boots and she's all set. Besides any woman who married me MUST be Wonder Woman to put up with my shit.
The amazon princess is my wife's favorite character in comics and showed her girls can kick serious ass. And she does. She teaches high school. She HAS to kick ass to survive that nightmarish hell scape of idiocy.

The Martian Manhunter

Why that is Eric from Gaming With The Gnomies naturally. If you've ever met this guy in real life you're fairly certain he is from Mars. He's also cerebral, tends to vanish and re-appear behind people, he's consumed so much lime jello in his life he is tinted green. He'd also be the guy you'd want directing the other heroes around from the watchtower. And there are also days, I swear this is true, he can read minds.
And the name 'Martian Manhunter' might reference a certain trip to Ohio as well.

The Flash

This is the Wally West Flash. So he's red-head, smart mouthed, likes making people laugh, mocks himself, and is willing give up everything he has to save his friends. I think I would fit this. I'm not being narcissistic here but its possible I could be considered the heart of the team (the conscious is Superman). And its my blog and I don't wanna be Darksied (again).

Doctor Fate

This was an interesting thought because I had to think out of my friends who would actually be the best at handling magical powers. I had to look for someone who was kind of a loner, intelligent and was able to pronounce intricate words of power. My friend Charles fits this bill. Years of college Latin classes got the language part down, he's kinda solitary except when playing Pathfinder and is intelligent. Doctor Fate always had an air of uncertainty about him due to his role and I think Charles could play that nicely too. Now this is only if 'Good Charles' is cast. 'Just got out of work Charles' becomes Parallax hell bent on destroying everything.

Plastic Man

Plastic Man is a goofy character. He's a very weird character. He thinks differently than other heroes because, well, his brain is made of plastic. And while he's funny it can also drive the other team members nuts with the insanity of being Plastic Man. My friend Brian J is Plastic Man. (And that doesn't mean his roomie is Hula-Hula...though I was considering it). Brian is weird, funny, has a plastic brain I believe. Brian can also be overpowering in his funny and can drive us nuts at times too. The puns...oh the BAD puns....they just don't stop. Yeah, he's Plas.


Jeremy. Both don't quit. Both resemble a honey badger. Both kick ass. Both are pale in complexion. (Good thing I'm The Flash cause I'm probably going to be running now!) Really, you want this guy at your back.

The Question

He's an interesting case. Let's lose the conspiracy theory nut job part and look at his intellect. He sees things totally different than you or I. Similar to the TV character 'Monk'. He's obsessive/compulsive about the details and knowledge. My friend Adam S. is that. We call him 'The Infinite Pit of Useless Information' cause he is that brilliant. Adam would make Sheldon Cooper cry. I love him dearly and I can see him being the man that sees all the angles. He'd also look spiffy in a blue trench coat.

The Green Arrow

Politically and socially conscious and outspoken. A sharp wit and tongue to match. Slightly cocky. Can grow a sweet beard. Its Bob. I don't know about his archery skills and he's not a millionaire but Bob could easily be the Robin Hood for this movie. I see him standing up for the little guys, the every man and telling 'The Man' to go fark himself at a moments notice. Yeah its Bob.


This WildCat is more of a street brawler than boxer. So who do I know that's a brawler/wrestler, hard headed and old? Larry! (Again....glad I'm The Flash) He's a scrapper. And god help you if he nails you with a head butt (right Bob?). Also Larry would probably own a catsuit and I'm not sure why nor do I want that answer.


I think Eric P. from the P-Burg/Easton Crew fits this bill. He's blond, kinda smells fishy and more than likely owns and orange shirt and green tights. I don't think he has telepathy with oceanic life but this Aquaman would be more like the 'dancing Aquaman' from the early days of Adult Swim. That I can see him doing.


To me this character, a cowboy hero, just screams Bruce from my Runelords PFRPG game. Both appear to be from another era all together. Its that older, wiser, cowboy hero vibe I see him pulling off. And if you know Bruce you kinda get the impression he's been born in the wrong time period. While I joke about his age and imply the cretaceous period was his home time, he'd probably be more at home in the 1930's or 1940's. He's got a different outlook on things that you just don't see these days. Much like a cowboy hero in the DC universe. And he'd look funny in the 10 gallon hat with bandanna mask too!

And there's my casting call. If you're name wasn't listed don't feel bad, you just were not right for the Justice League. I never cast for my version of The Avengers. Or you're a villain (you bastards). 

*** Bonus Question***

"What doesn't The Dude abide?"

- He doesn't abide having his cremated bowling friends ashes blow back into his face.