Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gifts of Games for the holidays.

I do love the Christmas holiday for not just receiving gifts but giving them as well. As per her usual awesome self my wife knocked another holiday out of the park with her choice of games she got me. While I didn't get any rpg books I did get two excellent games. Both of these I've been jonesing for quite some time.

Ad Astra means 'To The Stars' by the way...

First she got me "Ad Astra" by Fantasy Flight Games. It's one of their Nexus Design Series of games (which is probably just fancy code for highlighting a individual game author that isn't doing Arkham Horror, Warhammer or Dust). What drew me to this game was the space exploration/colonization aspect of it. When I got my claws on the rules it looks more like Settlers of Catan. That, dear readers, is a compliment. All I need are some test subjects to try this out. Perhaps speaking to Eric at "Gaming With The Gnomies" to set up a game day at my place.

Dance with Baby-Man!

The other is something I got to play at GenCon 2011 as a demo/beta test. Munchkin Axe Cop. It's the fast paced lunacy of Munchkin mixed with the unbelievable insanity of the Axe Cop comic. I just fell in love with this and Axe Cop has replaced my fall back game of Munchkin Cthulhu. The artwork is taken straight from the comic so the cards look good, the humor is intact and while 'Munchkin' staple cards are present they add some new things in there to aid you like recruiting sidekicks. It also doesn't hurt that you can ride on a T-Rex in sunglasses with gatling guns for arms as you use your avocado powers to smite a hoard of chicken brain robots. Munchkin Axe Cop was one of the only games I waited to play at GenCon and it was worth every second. Again....need to get some players together for this.

Oh and check this link out. Here is Droz playing Axe Cop at GenCon. Also Jesse's iPad with the counter.

(thank you Steve Jackson Games.....grumble grumble.....)

The shirt I was wearing *may* have been the reason why. You be the judge, it was this shirt:

Its a real team...right?

Bottom line is both games are winners and I can't wait to play them in 2012. Just need test subjects to try them out on. Any takers?