Monday, December 26, 2011

(A Short) Movie Review: The Adventures of Tintin

This was the 'Indiana Jones' movie Spielberg wanted to do but instead did the one George Lucas f'ed up.

The annual 'Christmas Night Movie' was a small affair with just the wife and two of our friends. We saw Tintin and we all loved it. It was a 3D showing, and the 3D was ok but it absolutely doesn't need to be seen in 3D.

The visuals are just incredible. The world, the people within, everything just looks alive and vibrant. The musical score by John Williams is just a treat. The story was fun, it was paced well, the dialogue was spot on thanks to a screen play by Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat.

I can't complain about this movie, in fact I'm going to take my dad to see it cause I know he'll enjoy it alot.

And yes....this really was an Indiana Jones movie. There was many a moment that I was hearing the classic Indiana Jones music playing in my mind watching this. And that is a good thing. Good job to Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Oh and please do collaborate on more movies in the future.