Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning first impressions.

Today in between contacting my representatives about dropping SOPA/PIPA and trying to get others on faceypage to do the same I downloaded the demo to EA's new RPG for the X360/PS3/PC. Naturally I went with the X360 version.

So my initial impression is its a mash up of Dragon Age:Origins and Fable 3 with the graphics and color palette of World of Warcraft. These are all meant as compliments. The story of how your character has broken the threads of fate by being brought back to life and now is without one (fate) and can forge their own is kind of neat. This is going on during a confrontation between the mortal races and the immortal fey. Obviously you will have something to do with this war.

The game plays as an action game, like Fable 3, with it's quick change of weapons and spells, movement in and out of combat and the like. Leveling reminds me more of the Dragon Age style with using points gained to pick up abilities in one of three areas; basically strength,skill or magic. It works fast and it's easy to understand. You can also use the character creator to make your own avatar in the demo. It's not bad but it's nowhere as complex and robust as Skyrim or even Saints Row The Third.

Music was big and epic, sound effects were strong and voice acting wasn't bad. The graphics are not as cartoony as WoW's but they are somewhat cartoony and the color palette is bright and vibrant even in dungeon settings. It's real easy on my eyes.

The most important part of this was I enjoyed playing it and now this game is on my radar. If my wife enjoys this game too, and she loved Fable and Dragon Age franchises, then we'll probably get this. I'd say check this out if you want a break from playing Skyrim since before Thanksgiving.