Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More 5th Edition rumblings from Monte.

I know some of this came out on Monday but that is a holiday so I was goofing off. Tuesday I was busy becoming the Genkibowl VII Champion in Saints Row: The Third. Priorities people!

Anyhow at Monte's newest Legends and Lore article he chats up a bit more about where this project is heading and I'll be damned if my one rambling from a week ago isn't the direction. It seems like its going to be a bizzaro rule set that will allow flexablilty between Basic D&D players all the way through current editions. It seems like you'll get to pick and choose how simple or complex you want your game/character/experience to be.

My gut reaction is telling me is to 'kill it with fire', but until I actually sit down and try it out I will reserve judgement (hopefully in the playtest). I'll give them credit this is a bold step on how to present D&D. I will also note that I feel this is the curtain call for the brand if it fails. I don't think Hasbro is going to give them a 6th Edition if this misses the mark. For people that play or have played D&D in the past this next year will be pretty interesting.