Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Mass Effect 3

Through out this console generation there have been numerous kerfuffles from angered fans about how the game 'should have been' or 'that the game is a failure because it didn't meet X criteria/expectations'. Fortunately a lot of those were geared at first person shooters, CoD: Modern Warfare 3 for example, but now there is a game more in my personal stash of go to game series that is feeling the heat. And almost all of it revolves around the games final 10 minutes.

So I'm not going to go into a long winded diatribe about what I thought about the game**. Hell I'm not going to even break down the game like a normal review just because this game has gotten so much press you can find reviews for it everywhere and better written ones too.

All I will say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I will recommend it to everyone. While at first I didn't understand the choices for the finale after thinking about it for a week (yes a solid week amidst the hullabaloo) by reflecting on my experience with the entire series I grew to like the endings and I agree with the choice BioWare made. It's not perfect, it will have people talking but it ends Shepards story in a spectacularly dramatic way. I just wish there was more of an epilogue but that is it.

So if you are a Mass Effect fan or just love BioWare games or like well written stories then pick this up and play it all the way to the end. This was a fitting end to the series.

** However those hell bent to keeping the flame war going on this topic and if they want to know my thoughts on it can PM me and I will share then.