Monday, March 5, 2012

Shadowrun: Operation Denver Jockstrap.

Where we last left off we were in a T-bird en route to Denver after our run in with a cyber zombie and the now nefarious 'Train Incident'. So what do we do now? Do we finally catch a break? we don't.

Jess - Aki (female elf physical adept/ ronin samurai / has family issues)
Brian - Grey (human shaman/party band aid (healer) / elf poseur in training)
Evil Brian - Sanzo (male elf ranged adept/gun slinger/ shoots stuff)
Jack - Jumpstart (orc rigger/wheel man / master of being uncouth/unavailable this game)
Thya - Dot (ogre brawler/fashion diva / cybered out troll chick/unavailable this game)
Me - 8-Bit (human technomancer/squatter with no I.D. in the system / hates Denver)
Matt - GM (guy behind the screen making our lives difficult/ Shadowrun weenie)

Well after a day or two of laying low in a safe house provided to us by our Mr. Johnson we eventually was contacted by another person looking to have us work a job out here in Denver. This time it was via a letter delivered by 'bump and drop' when Aki was leaving a tattoo parlor. The letter was written in the elven tongue with a time and location set in the Denver barrens. Joy. More shady meeting places. The life of a shadowrunner is oh so glamorous.

Jump ahead to the meeting spot deep in the barrens of Denver. We meet the Johnson who turns out to be NetCat and she wants to hire us to liberate a person from a corp who has info regarding the location of her missing friend Puck. Grey negotiates the rate for our assistance and shortly afterwards we agree to head out to do the job. While negotiations were going on 8-Bit was chatting up NetCat's hubby, Slamm-O!, and found out he has been the one scrubbing 8-Bit's identity and also Captain Chaos is around and he can arrange a meeting if he wants. Of course he 'can haz meeetng'.

We head out to scout out the building our target is staying at. While doing surveillance and planning to strike tomorrow Grey says off the cuff "Its night time. If he knows he's being rescued why don't we call him and tell him to come outside?" Brilliant. We do just that. Firstly we hack the security systems and cameras in the building to not show what is happening. Then we call him to tell him his ride is here. He then sneaks out the front doors in plain view of a sleeping guard. NetCat begins to get info and we take the mark to his drop off. Of course, even after scrubbing him for RFID tags, we're followed. Combat ensues, bad guy vehicles disabled, predator drone destroyed, mark delivered safely.

Naturally the info NetCat gets about the location of Puck makes our lives more difficult. He is being held in a medical facility that caters to the wealthy in a secret lab in that buildings basement. While scanning the matrix for info about the place it is rumored a pop star is there for secret plastic surgery. That is our door buster. We flood the matrix with faux confirmation of her being there (thanks to a guard who chose his words poorly when approached) and within hours a mob of screaming fans was swarming the building. Borderline riot level. Aki sexed up a employee out back on a smoke break and pilfered his id tag. NetCat and I were hacking into the security system and even after some complications I unlocked ALL the security doors in the complex which allowed the mob to rush into the building and overwhelmed security. The rest snuck into the building and liberated Puck from a lab that is experimenting on technomancers by slicing them open. There were also a few technomancers who were mobile and they were rescued too.

Puck then tells us about how technomancers are being stolen right off the streets and taken to another facility. We gain the location of the facility and agree to help Puck and NetCat assault the base. NetCat and I hijack the automated turrets around the building so we won't get gunned down and can use them against the people inside. The rest make a run for the building and all out war erupts. Mass combat ensues, lots of baddies die, T-800 looking cyborg technomancer/hybrids arrive and we put them down too. It was a rough battle. Inside the base NetCat expunges all the info of the research from the data nodes and e-nukes the nodes afterwards. Puck rushes off to the offices inside with Aki close behind and Puck shoots a female scientist in the head for some reason.

And we get paid and get thanks from those involved and the game ended. I know I glossed over some of the finer points of this game session but after thinking about it for a week I will say that this was a very rushed game. We started around 1pm and was done before 630pm (and that included a 45min dinner break). I believe this was a module to run at a con but even then there was hardly any roleplaying that night as we were bounced from set piece to set piece. That alone diminished a large chunk of the fun being had. I know I said when the session ended it was fun but after some time to think about wasn't very good. I think the goose egg was that this was a module of some kind and it really stunk for a non-convention game that goes for about 8 hours. With luck the next time we assemble for this the session will be slower paced and give us opportunity to role play some more.