Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LEGOS: Even MORE Series 7

This past holiday weekend while out with my wife she decided to treat me to three more packs of Series 7 Mini Figures. Lady luck must have been on my side as two of the three were totally new for me.

Rocker Girl

Evil Knight

Now the Rocker Girl just screams 80's glam rock but more in a Jem and the Holograms kind of way. Big Jersey-esque Aqua Net laden pink hair style compete with pink lightning bolt make-up design under the one eye. Got to love those 80's huh?

Now the Evil Knight is also pretty damn cool. Black armor piece to overlay the Lego body, a nicely moulded helmet and he has red eyes! All the more to make him EVIL! But it wasn't until I saw a throw away comment on Reddit of all places that made me say 'Bullshit!' followed by ' can't be....' and finally a giddy realization that YES it was.

You see the throw away comment was that the Evil Knight was a tribute to John Cleese's The Black Knight from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Bullshit you say? Check out the logo on the Evil Knight's shield and the one on The Black Knight himself.

Nice looking Boar there.....wait.....
Just a flesh that a boar?!?!
 The tusk might be longer and its mouth is open.....but....its....the...boar........I.....see.....the.....resemblance...

Damn right Thorny!

For legal reasons I surmise Lego can't do a REAL figure but I consider this a loving tribute from someone at Lego who designed this with a wink and nod to a classic comedic character from the masters of the absurd.
So those two new figures and the addition of a duplicate Viking Woman makes that Lego voyage a win win for me.

As always: LEGOS!!!