Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LEGOS! Lord of the Rings edition!

The Lord of the Rings Legos have started to arrive and the first set is out now at select retailers. I found The Mines of Moria at Toys R Us. So far I haven't seen them at Target of KMart. I don't shop at Wally World for personal reasons (read: they are EVIL!).



Boromir and Pippin!


Mines of Moria!
Troll with Orc! Good lord that Troll is BIG!

Pippin with the well that started off the battle.....stupid Hobbit!

Needless to say I am loving this series of Lego figures. They are capturing some good moments from the movies and I can't wait till I get my mitts on the others. I also need more room in my house to put these sets out for display. Perhaps I'll sell off some of my gaming books? I could use all that shelf space.

And another interesting thing, on the instruction booklets it lists Lego sets based on The Hobbit movie coming out this winter (set comes out same time too...who knew?) AND the mad geniuses at Travellers Tales (who make the "Lego" video games) are making a Lego Lord of the Rings game finally! This was an advertisement on the back of the box for this set! I expect an announcement at E3 in June and the game should be out by the fall '12.

Again I am happy. Also I want to note my birthday is in June and would be more than happy to accept gifts of more Lego LotR sets from my readers. (shameless plug)