Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LEGOS! Mini Figure Series 7 is here!

I dedicate this post to Jugular Josh for being a pain in the ass and 'encouraging' me to get off my butt and post this!

So Mini Fig Series 7 has hit most retailers early May and this past weekend was my first time I actually found any on shelves. Apparently there isn't anywhere in my immediate area that is selling them so I had to drive almost an hour away to find some. Lucky for me we were heading out that way anyways as I was taking my wife shopping that day.

So what did I get my grubby hands on?


Dark Mistress,,,,,er,,,,,,Bride!

Bunny Suit Guy!

"Ocean King"  Its Poseidon folks!

Oh look its Lil' Red...."Grandma Visitor"

So far so good with the looks of the mini figs. I do have a few gripes about the ones I got though. First with the Ocean King is the black base they give him. Its the standard minifig base however the fish tail needs a base with two rows of four on it to support him. His bottom is a 2x2 versus the standard lego feet. This would also work better for figures like The Bride, Lady Liberty, etc which has larger bases. His is just a bit unwieldy and he wanted to come off the base with frequency.

Speaking of The Bride.....putting her veil on was a exercise in futility for a good 10 minutes. Its the standard lego cloth used for capes and whatnot (only softer) but you fasten this to the hair via her tiara....which has a tiny peg and the fabric keeps coming off and doesn't want to stay. I'd take pictures showing this but if I take that apart again I might just divorce her as it would be easier than putting that friggin' veil back on!

I do like the looks of Grandma Visitor and Bagpiper. Bagpiper has a 'cloth' kilt and has painted on underwear so that means he's not Scottish...he's just a bag piping enthusiast. The Bunny Suit Guy is just funny and continues the 'man in suit' figures which I just love.

So far so good with only a few gripes. Next time I'm near a Toys R Us I'll grab a few more to see what new ones I get. Until then...